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Closed Door on Foreign Corporations

Author – Ms Initially No, policy writer, CEO of Fine Art Gallery (The Painter And The Writer Gallery)

Closed Door, has meaning at law, of making certain the Foreign Corporations that perpetrate criminal conduct, crimes against humanity, and cartel violations – that they do not get access to Courts, and the unarmed-civilians, law-abiding citizens do. How does fund work towards making certain that international corporations do not usurp the purpose of the funds, and grants system, by espionage devices, has to be there.

When there is a citizen, unarmed, law-abiding civilian, being fired at with an electronic weapon – it is necessary that the assault with espionage be stopped. The person being fired at shouldn’t be said to be the electronic weapon and the conditions and results and trials and poisons standards, and physics standards tests related to that. Forced human experimentation, on a citizen, that is a horrible crime, a war crime. That said, to name the crime, to out it, that is an effort, though, it is necessary, to stop the violators whom exploit the person, to perpetrate horrible experiments.

It is the Foreign Corporations, cartel, perpetrating the crimes against humanity, that are hiding by violating citizens, those foreign corporations need to not be permitted court appeal, the Closed Door, should be on Foreign Corporations that violently abuse citizens.

Pfizer must not be allowed to place personnel in a newspaper office, and that Pfizer operative should not be permitted to appeal a sacking, and then exploit my biometric ID (law-abiding, unarmed-civilian). That when Pfizer fire espionage assaults while I sleep, and push for appeal; there should be Government Office, stopping, never aiding and abetting that.

When Government Office, is corrupt of purpose, there must be immediate action, to arrest the obvious Broad Ultra Vires. An electorate, such as West Bendigo, Victoria, should not be subjected to a corrupt parliamentarian, that ignores serious cartel activity, foreign interference, and actively upsets peace, order, good governance, by reversing the charges onto law-abiding citizens, unarmed civilians.

That assaults by espionage during night hours, were said to be Maree Edwards, Bendigo West, with cartel espionage, hit and flick device, instead of reporting, and warranting the necessary arrests, flicking a horrible blame-shift into my bedroom, where I was sleeping, resting. That attempts to name ‘inner spring’ mattress a violation, isn’t an opportunity to say ‘get a futon or bed without springs’. In St. Kilda East, Melbourne, prior to 2013, I had a futon. I even removed all the metal screws, from the wooden part of the bed, to make certain that wasn’t being used in some way. The horrible cartel were firing espionage at my human body. The horrible cartel, in an inner-city area, are never as obviously out-of-place, as they are in Main St, Maldon township. During 2020-2022, the intercorporate cartel have been foolish enough to not understand that Australian citizens, know that townships don’t look like city areas, and also notice how many times the same truck, or car, or other vehicle perpetrates infringement with espionage, within 2 minutes. It looks like a film-set activity, and it isn’t, it is espionage, cartel violations, and any attempts to claim ‘film school’ is then to name the personnel that need to be charged with serious cartel activities, espionage, and war crimes on citizens of Australia.


Drop shop at skip, should be watched for and mechanical contrivances, espionage violators, arrested.

There must not be ‘purse theft retrieval’ and then for the cartel to pick up prohibited item, ‘chip’ with data-theft, and espionage assault CEO of Fine Art Gallery (myself). That pointing to author’s work, line or phrase, that writes of the horrid criminal activity, prior to 2000, and the culprits, other than those in 2022, that really, should not be a focus.

Authorities sometimes say – use examples of an understanding of a crime, that was espionage, that resulted in cartel thefts and sabotage, as well as human rights violations. If historical offense is there, that is not the warrant, arrest, and hit and flick is unacceptable misdirection on author law-abiding citizens.

False claims that author, law-abiding citizen, has either done activities of cartel, or been with someone whom has done these activities, or hear conversation about such activities – is false misdirection, blame-shift.

Government needs to alert public to Known Cartel Activity

I would suggest ACCC manage with ABC (‘stooge’ is cartel attempting to squirm outside of court and name reinforcing law and alerting public as ‘not fun for cartel’, legal matter to report, as espionage interference. Do not allow for medico-pharmaceutical cartel to misdirect that).

Understanding on publicity to stop the activity, and involve myself, and payment, for myself for strategy and good law-abiding understanding (very important to start to include the person whom is doing the work, and being espionage violated).

It is undesirable to ever allow for wage-theft.

It is undesirable to ever allow for torture via espionage assaults.

It is undesirable for human rights defenders, whom are authors to be exploited by serious cartel activity, that usurps, and inveigles positions, and makes the alert into horrible non-sense.

1. Put up signage where there is known Mechanical Contrivance, cartel activity, to prohibit the activity; and act on arresting of suspects.

a. Never allow an Official Government Sign (that warns), to idle with violations without arrests for espionage and infringement.

2. Suspicious envelopes sent asking for bodily samples with Government Logo, dirty crumpled envelopes, and other offenses – known cartel activity, that has espionage interference. Not allowing for that.

3. Violations of copyright of Fine Artists. Droit Moral: Preventing altering of works. In 2022, Australia, fascism must not destroy Fine Art is there, as risk of allowing anything that is mutilation or distortion of work. This is for Australia, to understand, and for their Fine Artist’s copyright. It isn’t for Australia to tell other countries what they’re doing, unless the Fine Artist is Australian, and the violation is obviously wrong. Espionage and publication is horrible extreme, that must not continue – awards, prizes that usurp fine artists and gift to piracy and sabotage (that is a horrible criminal cartel) that should not be allowed. Never celebrate the fascists whom destroy artists works. Government also needs to be respectful of visual artists copyright, and public alert to Known Cartel Activity.

4. Author copyright system, that gives protection, there Droit d’auteur, legal understanding. Authors in Australia must be law-abiding. Authors must not use espionage devices, electronic weapons. Authors must not getaway with theft from people whom are authors whom are law-abiding unarmed-civilians, citizens, without immediate prosecution, reporting of espionage being acted on, to warrant and arrest the violators that are cartel ‘group’ that is data-theft, with Foreign Interference Espionage violations, that must not be blame-shifted. It isn’t a war crime when the author, a citizen of Australia, is being denied, usurped, sabotaged, and assaulted with espionage.

a. Qualifications for authors are important. A qualification in Australia is a degree, or diploma, in writing and editing, in arts. That must not be usurped.

b. Author’s works should not be scrutinised by criminal cartel, espionage, or corruption in Government Office, without there being action taken, to arrest the violating cartel espionage, and corrupt officer.

c. An author is an authority that if thefted from, makes the intercorporate cartel have something they wouldn’t normally. That is one of the reasons why authors of books, literature, must be respected when they are law-abiding citizens.

5. Courts for Jury Duty, and any other people entering court, all must know the Court Rules. This might not be necessary to alert public. It might be a Court service that is already there. That hasn’t been there in the past for Jury Duty (a have you read Court rules, and sign here if you have, and understand them all, or obtain papers here). Very good reasons for asserting this. Court rules are different from everywhere else.

I want to give notice here on a due diligence matter that was given publicity by journalism.

That of Pleading the 5th and entanglement with public. It was good journalism, it is only that the very dangerous Alert, is there – that this must not be used in Australia, it pertains to USA, and then there is a French Law, there.

The French Law on the 5th (Black’s Law Dictionary, 11th Edition; Bryan A. Garner, Editor in Chief; Thomas Reuters) – a requirement made by a noble vassal to the king each time ownership of the vassal’s fief charged – that is being used by intercorporate cartel.

Women are being violated, in the eyes, and vagina. Don’t ask why, demand, that the horrible be immediately stopped, it is known that must never intrude on circuit, or Court systems. It is Foreign Interference Espionage, violation. If a person is suspected of espionage, they must be immediately arrested, and devices removed. That and do not allow for a known espionage intercorporate cartel, International Corporation (medico-pharmaceutical) to appeal to courts/ tribunals, that is the closed door system. Do not allow for medicos to be experts in examining violations of women. The espionage assaults, fired, the perpetrators need to be examined, for evidence. It is further violation to ask for an examination of the damages, the results of the war crime, electronic weapons tests on women.

Reasons not to allow medico-pharmaceutical corporations, personnel into courts, in 2022 – 2025 or longer. That is, to understand, that there is difficulty there, in Discovery necessary to stop the various spellings of that pertaining to High Security.

Foreign Interference espionage, smuggling, with writs/ fieri, and feudum militare; a knight’s feud, and feud (a heritable estate in land conveyed) that is mining claims interference espionage in Australia, detection equipment interference that conceals for thefts of precious that gets melted down into ‘nuggets’ should not be named then ‘nuggets of truth’ taken out of context, without the full report of the espionage, and warrants for arrest on the spies evasion, cartel activities, that include the violations that are thefts by medical office of human biometric ID, and social worker thefts of property, that are horrible violation, threat and menace and silencing. The espionage assaults that horror as well, needs to be stopped, and actioned. The actual text of the commands are non-sense, that have intruded on courts/ tribunals. They’re feudal superior to a grantee or tenant, and ‘tent ant’ and ‘conditions apply’ apps rendering services to the superior that is Foreign Interference, cartel, corruption, crimes against humanity in Australia. That there are also ‘nobile/ mobile’ contrivances, to claim feudum antiquum, via sabotage of antiques. Not permitted ‘field testing’, is a war crime on Australian citizens, unarmed-civilians, that are law-abiding.

6. Never allow for usurping of another’s work, by directing tasks for another person ‘to order’ when that is misdirect, and information only, not to be said to be direction. That when there is cartel following, and hit and flick Directional codes, to act promptly, as if emergency, and as if staff of superior. People whom misdirect too often should not direct, must be regarded as information only. If that isn’t understood, the misdirection violates the directions necessary.

a. Danger is cartel then order the ‘Garbage bin collection’ to ‘sort matters’ for the ‘purse theft claimants’; espionage assaults.

b. Disrate, to reduce to a lower rank a ship or petty officer’s rank – isn’t visual artist or author. The cartel assaults are disregarding the law. The corporations disrepute foreign interference, human rights violations, war crime against citizens. People don’t need to be controlled unless they’re prisoners, or perpetrators of criminal activity needing to be arrested, and controlled as prisoners.

c. When there is a necessity to follow instructions, the instructions must be law-abiding; and everyone should be able to name the unlawful directive, when obvious. That, people whom are able to report the cartel espionage prior to responding to direction, when that is there. That means a safety precaution; and making certain Excessive Entanglement, Endangerment doesn’t get directed into the instruction, in a cartel override of command. Report, warrant, arrest the espionage, prior to ‘the order of food or drink’ very necessary.

d. It is never acceptable for a parliamentarian to conceal their ‘order’ by firing espionage at another business or citizen. ‘Order’ is a Parliamentary Code, very serious control, in a specific role, and like a Court, similar, but different, has a Rule Book, that must be signed for, and followed. All must be responsible if they enter Parliament. That cartel words of ‘get your arse to work’ flicked onto law-abiding citizen/s (Owner of Fine Art Gallery) with espionage assaults, is unacceptable, and must result in arrest of the parliamentarian perpetrating that. That violation isn’t to be concealed by ‘horse and cart gamble’ and anthropomorphism in literature.

e. Destruction of businesses, antiques; violations, assaults on humans – that is horrifying espionage, an electronic weapon isn’t acceptable for a Parliamentarian to hit and flick, onto anyone else. Parliamentarians must report correctly, and sign warrants for prompt arrests. Corruption of Legal purpose of arrest warrants must not be perpetrated.

f. Jail for espionage, never home detention; never ‘schooled by electronic weapons’. It is outrageous violation, that the cartel are meant to be jailed for. Horror converters have put the charges on children, instead of the espionage, spies evasion, intercorporate cartel (medico-pharmaceutical) violators. It should be obvious, that children are the home detention/ school detention to be instructed; not the corrupt officials, or foreign interference espionage spies evasion, whom are adults and horrifying crimes. That they move birds, animals, and move children, with code of conduct is violence by espionage, or, misuse of emergency guides. That children should never have electronic weapons, and are under control of responsible adults. The espionage of corrupt parliamentarians that ‘order’ must be reported, and stopped.

7. Air pollution, is espionage, cartel, corruption – must be defined correctly by politicians, as including emissions of energy (that are electronic weapons not permitted, sabotage, and horrible crime).

a. Citizens must be alert to the cartel mechanical contrivances and faux-pas, or infringements, or wasteful behaviour. If a child (parent, teacher is responsible for) is faux-pas, or infringement or crime such as theft, they must be told, about the serious cartel activity, warned that it is war crime horrible in Australia. Never follow cartel commands to do a faux-pas, how embarrassing for teacher or parent if that isn’t stopped. This is about being responsible. Laws there for a reason. That questions about that which commands to do a wrong, should never be directed to a RANZCP fellow (or staff that is medico pharmaceutical) ever again. RANZCP is known serious cartel activity. Holocaust prevention asks that poisons and physics handlers never be corrupt, and if they are, attempting to monopolise and control humanity, that the attempt to violate by fascism be quickly stopped. Espionage assaults, on children, must be stopped, by correct reporting of the violators. A cartel must not distillate unlawfully, and name that another person, as ‘wet’. That is espionage assault, if cartel is perpetrating that against a human. This is as much about citizens at workplace, that might be a teacher being violated, being able to report that to a Principal, whom must do due diligence, to stop the cartel, and never be corrupt. Principal duty to report the espionage interference, to stop corruption of staff. That must not be flicked onto Fine Art Gallery owner, to do due diligence for the Principal of a school. Life imprisonment for the Principal if they are corrupt and responsible for espionage-cartel violations.

b. Calls to ‘Personal Advocate’ old government workers, should not be concealment tactic for cartel, ‘red in back’ group, that colour code in Parade of Horrors, is example of where the cartel, then attempts to usurp purpose of this that should be Closed Door, on appeals for Foreign Corporations, that are serious cartel activity, inveigling with deceit, as wage-theft, when law-abiding citizen unarmed civilian Ms Initially No, has not yet been given forms to fill for Prosecution, for wage-theft, white-capping.

That is why this is Grants Application, and Government Office Memo, and the author has a right and does due diligence to post publicly, so that her, the author (Ms Initially No), isn’t subjected to usurp of purpose, wage-theft, and espionage assaults. That on this morning 9:13AM 07-12-22, there are espionage assaults on author.


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