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Citizens - property rights

Author - Ms Initially No, policy writer.

There must never be anything like that which occurred in 1920s and 1930s Australia – horrible eugenicists polluted, and violated, and denigrated Australian citizens. Similar attempts to violate in the 1980s, by poisoning natural food supplies, attempts to get citizens to be used to plastics, and disposables. The sus, always that which claimed to be good for the environment, is an utterly evil enslaving murderous legal matter regarding that names itself sustainability, and pushes depopulation by espionage, and other horrifying war crimes.

Houses that need care-take in Australia, too many bought by medico-pharmaceutical cartel, and are being rented for short-term only, and it is horrifying how perverted that gets, when the property owners care nothing for the buildings, the land or Australia, and violate Australian people.

Australian citizens whom need to find rental properties, have a real-estate agent whom has pictures of rental properties to go to. If however, Australian citizens have been sabotaged. They need to be able to show proof of this, and why they are not the liability.

There must not be a holocaust trajectory, that allows for espionage contrivances that violate.

There must not be a demeaning of honest Australian citizens, whom all have skills and don’t perpetrate crime.

People don’t want to rent to medical staff, as they are human rights violations. So, that if they are discriminated against, it is for a reason. For medical staff, social workers (whom perpetrate criminal conduct and defraud government) to use espionage to flick violence (a rerouting of espionage writs against them) off on other people. That has to be detected, and stopped, or the perpetrators push for a condemning of humans, citizens, and their homes; the perpetrators push for slums, and naming the victims of crime, as incompetent or guilty by association, while setting up their pharmaceutical espionage operatives as ‘hippie IT’ and ‘slumming IT’ and other espionage errata, that push government to accept lobby groups and medico-pharmaceutical social schemes that are utter scams, and horror on Australian people, and also allow for the espionage, and for false funding and further sabotage. Then, demand Australian people work in the medico-pharmaceutical employment and perpetrate war crimes.

There must not be Australian unarmed civilians, citizens suspected, whom haven’t perpetrated a crime. If an Australian citizen has a relationship or marriage, where another has perpetrated crime – there has to be consideration, for the person’s ability to do anything about the crime. Does the Australian Government give people, whom are honest and being violated, a way and means of naming the crime of espionage?

When houses are fired at, and the people in those houses haven’t done anything criminal, never used espionage, and are patriotic to Australia, and strong for the nation/s they prefer to live in – they shouldn’t be attacked further, and be enabled to prosecute the espionage. The espionage rerouting has to be stopped, as well as the intercorporate that is sabotaging their income.

There should be people whom are able to be employed to look after a property, look after houses that are being fired at by espionage – whom live in the property/ houses; and, be able to get some reasonable action from the Government, to stop the espionage.

There should not be a massive lobby with espionage contrivances that violates, what Australian citizens want – the right to exist without being sabotaged by espionage. Australian citizens don’t want to be messed with into programs that foreign interference, medical staff, and social workers profit from (that are programs that are sus with eugenics style horrors).

Espionage fires, are horrible sabotage on infrastructure, and humans, and violate the justice system, and obstruct other workplaces – Australian people must be able to condemn cartel crime, espionage that is too obvious to ignore, and known to be medico-pharmaceutical violators with positions of power, and intention to sabotage (while putting up a scam lobby about being charitable in a way people never want that is intrusive cruel and soul destroying, and usurping.)

So many beautiful houses and flats, that Australian citizens could care-take.

Policy has to be something more in keeping with that understanding that Australian people are strong, and will not be sabotaged, or silenced on speaking out against medico-pharmaceutical crimes against Humanity and the Commonwealth.

That and Australia people must be able to demand that their legislation is compliant with the right to refuse medico-pharmaceutical corporations, the services and provisions of 1-V-51-xxiiiA of The Federal Constitution of Australia Act, must enact the enacting clause, ‘but not so as to authorise any form of civil conscription’ in all legislation; so that the legislation, is no longer repugnant. Legislation must comply with the Constitution, and difficulties arise in stopping the violations that are war crimes against Australian citizens, because of there are Acts of parliament, that are forced human experimentation, that must be voided.

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