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Charges of Treachery for Obstruction of civil rights

That there is a charge of 80.1AC Treachery, The Criminal Code, on the intercorporate cartel, that are obstruction compliance with 1-V-51-xxiiiA of the The Federal Constitution of Australia Act, that were, involved in the Court bribery of Judgement in 1949, that attempted to misconstrue the holocaust-prevention-writ, that amendment won in 1946, that still requires compliance.

That understanding here must be that Australia is 200 years post invasion.

Understanding, it is not Treachery to challenge The Federal Constitution of Australia Act, in a reasonable, sensible way – such as First Nations Australian people have done so. The warcrime, is that of obstructing that which the citizens of Australian agree to, such as the holocaust-prevention-writ.

Repugnancy - an inconsistency, or contradiction between two or more parts of a legal instrument, such as a contract or statute.

The Mental Health Act, the Aged System Acts, any legislation that forces provisions and services of medicine, is repugnant to the Constitution and Fundamental laws.

Request that the inconsistent legislation be voided, by motion, member invoke permission for excise of privilege to ask question - When is the Australian Government going to stop being Unconconstitutional?

For reasons of Australia's reputation, the holocaust-prevention-writ must be complied with. The requirement must be met. All legislation must comply with 1-V-51-xxiiiA.

The offending legislation, a rescind, void all medical orders, medicos must not ever be permitted to violate Australian civilians with - arbitrary detention, slavery, torture, exploitation for medical experimentation, and biometric ID theft Australian people.

For all, res communes.

And the crown, res coronae.

That, and stop the violent res corporales - there must be no further intrusions of corporeal thing, tangible things perceptible to the senses, on human bodies of citizens of Australia.

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