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Care-take things, never people

Author - Ms Initially No, policy writer

That phrase - yeah I know all that, but can you tell me about what you really meant by that word you used, before that, the word had to do with care-taking old buildings, and how people do the care-take, and if anyone refers to a person as if they are thing to be taken care of, they are deliberately being very rude, and threatening slavery torture, detention, murder and such.

Did you know all about that when someone said that to you when you were 17, and they looked at you in a funny way and said they care about you but you know got things to do about the house, and laughed and went to the kitchen to make banging noises that had nothing to do with cooking? That, they were playing you something rotten weren’t they?

Difficult thinking on that one, when the politicians are saying things that don’t make sense in that regard and see your locksmith sounds more appropriate than see you mocker’s list, of conditions applying to a package you are told that you should use if such and such happens; when you’d rather just bang the pots in the kitchen, and you’d never yell, anything, though might sing a song or two, because you’d have to have an excuse for why you yelled those words, though, there was that time you were yelling those Shakespearean lines over and over, and thinking people would get that you were performing the lines from a playwright long dead by still celebrated.

Politicians acting like they’re a Shakespearian plot, is a worry.

Just this, and justice understanding there must never be people attempting to use words inappropriate and claiming positions of power to indoctrinate the population into doing the same horrible thing to the language, when the positions of power are to do with legislations and laws that have an understanding that when muck such as naming a person a thing – that is really cruel, crude way of saying do you have one of those disability apps that are going to set the radiocommunications off into haywire field testing for a pharmaceutical cohort or medico muck molestation logistics violation – because that is horrible breach of trafficking, and don’t like that mixed up in the road rules. Plus, really don’t want people to be violated, when someone says that they don’t care. That needs to be understood as needing a response – well I wouldn’t rent a property to you, and you better not be buying any beautiful heritage listed properties that we love.

Every time they say it, that legal term referring to property and do you care, until the public gets it, that is the way the legal terms work on that which got turned into a soundbyte with ugly ice-cream all over it in the early 1990s. They were murdering people in the Aged System, and horrible thefting, and that needed to be said, and the packages firms got something very wrong or their serial numbers got mucked, or their factories did something they shouldn’t. That and the fridges, mucked by the owners of those Industrial Fridges, whom were attempting to make claims for their business via rerouting signals of people whom were being fired at by electronic remote devices.

People whom named themselves disabilities, and then took a pension, though, still worked for some overseas companies, that are international number and data-theft, and attempted to then name other people disabilities, when the people had no devices inserted in their body, no devices electrical that did spies evasion tricks, or government employment devices – the people being accused of being disability pensioners were people whom were injured, and couldn’t do some tasks, and could do some other tasks, though were being told they were redundant.

There are always tasks that some people can do, and others are really not good at. That people work at all the different tasks to get the jobs done – it is outrageous when people were told that they couldn’t promote their skills. While there was someone else whom was promoting ‘wares’, and pushing the ‘beware of the’ and ‘be wary to’ – and all unlawful spies evasion, the 'wares' being the things, devices, disabilities access, that no one wants sabotaging.

That all said, when the focus is about the ‘take care’ of those things that are inserted, when people talk up inserts that are only said to be for task, they’re not meant to be spyware, and they are also told to know when the things ‘go off’, and need to be replaced. With the licence on those ‘things’ there is a legal contract write up that has to do with something that names those ‘things’ as ‘disabilities’ as well, even though, they’re not spyware, and not government official, either, they have a serial number to be detected.

Humans, don't have barcodes, and anyone whom attempts to tell you that a human's make up is a barcode, is talking up biometric Id, and it really isn't something to be compared to that.

That all said, people whom don’t have any of those things inside their bodies, why would they be named disabilities pensioners, or put on a pension, when they don’t want that, they want an employment. It is hideous, the answer to that, the poisons forcibly injected into those people, used by the spyware disabilities pensioners, whom usually have a friendly time with the medico-pharmaceutical corporations, they’re not people fighting to be free from being forcibly injected – and, they’re also tactics that use the chemical that is forced into another human, a citizen, whom wants to prosecute the horrible violators. That citizen, unarmed-civilian, they’re named all those derogatory terms, that should be said to be slander and libel, and instead are given a medicalisation gloss by politicians, whom spout this horrible racism against their citizens demanding justice.

People whom demand civil rights, whom are citizens, they should be heard, they shouldn’t be turned into ice-cream, and buildings to care-take. They’re people, not things, and they’re people that don’t have spyware, that should never be detected as a thing, because they don't have a 'disability/ thing' that might cause a disruption to a venue, or radiocommunications, if the serial number is used, or if deliberate action of the person with disabilities are to violate, sabotage and data-theft for an intercorporate cartel. They always work as large group, there isn't isolated hackers. And any terms used to denigrate a person as 'lid tel hack thief' isn't about anything other than something that is horrid espionage crime, and not 'little', though, there sometimes blame-shifting, and the blame-shifting with fires on an unarmed-civilian, very nasty.

Citizens, being falsely named as things, a ‘disability’ is a thing. A ‘pension’ is a thing, that a person might claim, and be named a pensioner, though, that still refers to the ‘thing’, and when ‘disability’ is also there, it is the thing device - you check their pension card, what does it say? Is there a device list that security needs to know about, are they are government office, disqualified, or pending prosecution? Is their pension card suspicious and flagged as a security fraud risk? Policy for that is needed.

Dangerous machines, dangerous equipment that interferes, hacks, or carries data-theft, contrives to usurps and lobby for something people don’t want; that mucks industrial equipment, and sabotages, and fires via that remote device at humans, to muck their workplace, isn’t permissible competition, is a horrible violation of espionage to be condemned and stopped immediately. Or, the corporations push the cartel conduct into horrible extremes of criminal activities.

It is psychiatrists, in Australia, that are instructing the intercorporate cartel, to violate unarmed-civilians. It is psychiatrists, that enslave, torture, and arbitrarily detain unarmed civilians.

That psychiatrists, should not be permitted to speak in court, or on any radiocommunications devices, certainly not public radio, or tv, or push the press for an advertise. When they are, the public should condemn, security employed for clearance, and legal work, should condemn that, and Courts of Law, and Politicians, should condemn the psychiatrists for, as a subversive to radiocommunications, devices, and espionage menace.

Why doesn’t anyone, in a position of power, say something sooner? People whom don’t have a position of power, to be heard enough, want those in the position to say enough to make certain that the cartel doesn’t take over – and when not enough is said, it is horrifying.

Radar tracking ends up being misdirected into firing at an unarmed civilian's human gut, instead of the authorities getting the information. It isn’t good enough to allow everyone to speak except the people whom have been most horribly exploited by the violators, just because the violators conduct the radiocommunications in a way to suggest that, it is dangerous to speak to such a person, as a civil rights activist, unarmed-civilian, citizen, whom has been horribly violated.

The intercorporate cartel, enjoy the idea of duping, and don’t care-take their buildings, sabotage them, and disturb the peace with horrible electronic devices that breach codes, most civilians don’t fully understand. The intercorporate cartel, also usurp the civilian, fire at them, and take the civilian’s place, whom is about to speak to something of that which the intercorporate cartel are perpetrating, without the Government Office, having to be subjected to questioning. However, the intercorporate cartel, push that idea that – you should never speak to victims of crimeon all and sundry, that is only meant to be about the intercorporate cartel, whom have violated the victim, that they are not permitted to speak to the victims of crime. That the intercorporate cartel, are then said to be a breach, and further condemned for intimidating the witness, by the Courts, that must prosecute the intercorporate cartel, with the victim of crime. That way, not the other way! Cut the medico pharmaceutical violators, the intercorporate cartel out of it. Edit the criminal cartel out of any journalism. Never perpetrate that, horrible violation, in Australia, against victims of crime, witnesses, unarmed-civilians whose civil rights are being violated.

Australia cannot afford to have criminals corrupting, usurpers violating their honest unarmed-civilians, with businesses that don’t get mechanically contrived, whom are educated enough to speak to civil rights of Australian people, being violated by medico-pharmaceutical intercorporate cartel.

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