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Boundaries of law should not be pushed

Author – Ms Initially No, policy writer; author; visual artist; performing artist & songwriter; owner of Fine Art Gallery, The Painter And The Writer Gallery.

It isn’t a boundary push to demand that psychiatry be abolished, it is reinforcement of the laws. Reinforcement of the laws means making null & void any repugnancy in the legislation, there isn’t room for debate on that when repugnancy is extreme in the legislation. The crimes that RANZCP fellows perpetrate are too extreme, too violent, and too much of a theft and attempt to monopolise Australian Government. RANZCP fellows are weapons tests, and there isn’t much more than that in medical department either, so they shouldn’t be pushing forced or coerced human experimentation on citizens, they should be demanding that RANZCP be shut-down and shut up, and the fellows jailed, and any other medical office that is non-compliant. They must not ask for further grants, research, teaching, or any other funding. The war crimes of medical and pharmaceutical corporations are too obvious, and too hideous; they have to prove they are not working with, or aiding and abetting intercorporate cartel, foreign interference espionage, terrorism, and crimes against humanity.

‘Arrangements’ of intercorporate cartel, that are parade of horrors in Maldon, Main St, Vic (and other area codes), that is data-theft from warrants, that required Legislation – Australian Security Intelligence Organisation Act 1979, Part 3, Division 3, 34H – for person warranted to be taken into custody by a police officer exercising authority under the warrant. The officer was required to make arrangements for the person to be brought before a prescribed authority for questioning. This is special powers relating to terrorism offenses.

For example an MP for the area code, with covert assistant (that has 20-30 personnel intelligence adapting to ‘portalieu/loo’ and ‘portacall’ the data), orders police badges and tries to say they were ‘oops’ meant to be CFA, if caught, and makes a draft document (that is in the cloud, all just pi in the sky, and even kids can count the endless number) that is terrorism to use on police. That MP requires arresting, however makes arrangements with an intercorporate cartel (medico-pharmaceutical) to parade in the street, to data-theft the warrant, and any police action intended, and uses the arrangement for funding push, and to intimidate witnesses, or have them subjected to arbitrary detention and narcoterrorism under unconstitutional legislation, or, other crime. The spectrum glares, distorts, and makes horrible violations of High Security legal matters obvious. That then the warrant arrangement, then ‘custody battle’ and if dessert, or other catering cart, that is packaging. That just should not be happening. There should not be that power for a MP to convert a warrant, and change the circuit for policing, without Security and Defence personnel signing off on that. That there is inveigling, deceit, impostors and corruption. Narcoterrorism must not continue to be perpetrated, or any other terrorism. There are obligations and protections regarding warrants, that must be attended to.

The RANZCP fellows need to be arrested for narcoterrorism, and for having tangible object evidence of converter machine data-theft arrangements, to reverse-charge warrants by espionage device install on area code circuit layout. The people RANZCP fellows then arbitrarily detain, torture and subject to abolished legal matter pertaining to slavery, though as if the law-abiding person were the terrorist suspect. That the person if refusing to go in the ambulance, is brought in by police, despite, that being an office of trafficking for enslavers, and using repugnant legislation, doesn’t work well, with circuit layout, that is designed to be quick response, and highly technical communications devices.

The intercorporate cartel, urge doubt on any of the understanding, that a reasonable person might say, including, that police have to wait around for courts to decide on matters of repugnant legislation, and chaos on police due to the intercorporate cartel, rerouting arrangements for warrants into demands police perpetrate offenses against citizens of Australia, and their own peace.

The term ‘prescribed authority’, and that of RANZCP fellows using this, as ‘authority script’, and contriving various ways to data-theft, the chemist near a corner, near a hotel, that has police in for some things, though wants prejudice against gay community, and might do ‘Greyhound buses’ and ‘Greyhound races’ in with the hotel list of liquor licence restrictions. It isn’t only the hotel, there is the road traffic there as well, that the RANZCP fellow wanted to data-theft.

Contrivance on - Australian Security Intelligence Organisation Act 1979

Subdivision D, 34J, That a prescribed person must explain the warrant

That being usurped by a RANZCP fellow, whom perpetrated data-theft from the street difficulties, that include policing arrangements. A prescribed authority isn’t a RANZCP fellow. Violator, terrorist RANZCP fellow uses the words, ‘prescribed authority script for you so that you won’t run out of the required medicines’, and ‘I shall ask a nurse to come around to your home to make certain you take the require dose, because I am uncertain that you will follow orders’ that is narcoterrorism, horrible torture, horrible slavery, and extraction of ‘biomarkers’ while the poison is in the victim’s body, as if the victim is that which is terrorism/ hazard substance to be ‘tracked’ by police. The RANZCP fellows already have the victim’s details and some ‘biomarkers’, and intend to have ‘moving object’ or ‘large biomass’ that is same tracking signal. Weapons electronic, probably not the same arrangement all the time, not that simple, though, should not be that complicated to recognise.

The warrant for detention, is a charge of terrorism, that should never be mixed up with anything else.

That people attempting to write or speak about the mechanical contrivances, shut up and shut down instead of terrorism, is appalling. That and it is embarrassing for Australian people that this is happening 240 years post invasion status. Will be good when authority is asserted and Australian citizens are able to look back on the horror, and say, they did something.

There is reinforcing of the laws that are already there, that I, as policy writer, insist on. I’m not pushing any boundaries here. The words here are to say that there are criminals that have boundary pushed way too much and attempted to demand Australian citizens remain silent about that, or be subjected to arbitrary detention and narcoterrorism, and whitecapping on our business.

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