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Beat it – go: Australians subjected to forced psy obtaining refugee status

An Australian escaping a notorious diabolical forced human experimentation unit, such as Melbourne’s John Cade, or the Alfred, or any other psychiatric facility in Australia that enslaves and tortures people for profit, under State/ Territory null, void unlaws – has a number of difficulties to overcome to obtain refugee status in another country. Such an Australian with their wits about them, catching a taxi to the airport, to ask for Consular Assistance upon arriving at the UK, London is first faced with airport security in their homeland. Due to poisoning and rough up the psy has inflicted on the person, the airport rejected the person, instead of offering them passage to claim refugee status in London.

There may be a need for an Australian to first take a police report, as a Federal issue, and then attempt to board the plane as a witness to crime.

The person likely is scared, so organic related fumes might be considered an issue but shouldn’t given this person did their best with washing of their person.

The person ‘looking beaten up’ or ‘intoxicated’ – is also a form-related matter that’d have to do with witness to crime matters.

That a corrupt and diabolical forced human experimentation unit is allowed and has support from State Government – makes for an even more difficult issue. The person here is more like a prisoner of war than a crime-based prisoner, particularly given the Victorian Government has declared a war against dis-ease, the medicos an ‘army’ and a lock-down on all protest, based on medico-dictators’ orders, medicos that are persecuting the person.

Political prisoner status more appropriate, as that’s condemned world-wide and in Australia is not wanted, when there’s no warrant and no police interview process underway, or recommended, and any judicial process is based on the psy obtaining a license to enslave the person by force and the person pleading for freedom from that. Therefore the refugee status would be on the basis of asking for freedom from slavery, torture and false imprisonment associated with that.

Quarter of Australians asking for refugee status in the UK, would be too much for the UK. And besides, Australians might have ties with other countries.

UK has horrible legislation that enables forced psychiatry, despite claiming to be ‘antislavery’ in other legislation. Once again it depends on a person’s connections and ability to align enough to remove the parasite industry (that is forced and coerced psy) from attacking their person. That person might then be able to whistle-blow on Australia’s most violent psy, but say nothing about UK or more particularly London psy, should they settle there. Trouble is if there’s a psy to psy connection and they collude to attack the former Australian, with refugee status in London, UK.

The difficulties of Australians gaining refugee status has resulted in Australians instead becoming turncoats for the industry beating up ad making them look like intoxicated wrecks, that society sneers at and derides at every move, for ever trying to criticise or condemn perpetrating psy. That’s a bad way to go. Run or fight, negotiating with terrorising psy is horrifying. To stop there and do nothing, and enable the psy to grow bigger and more controlling – horrifying.

Refugee status is tricky, and at the moment would require paper work, for those Australians persecuted and enslaved by the psy whom need to go elsewhere because the psy are so guilty, they’ll do anything to stop that person from giving witness impact statements.

To have a person with status, marriage, money be destroyed by the psy – that looks really bad. When financial damages are seen clearly, for damages lawyers, they’d see that as hefty, a person like that, whom would usually fly first class on a plane.

The greater the per cent of Australians being dragged off by the terrorising psy becomes more obvious when people of wealth with qualifications and intelligence gathering skills are also brought in and exploited.

This is dangerous. It must be recognised as dangerous and the psy must be stopped and that means speaking out against the psychiatrists and clinical psychologists, so that the psy are not allowed to continue. Any corrupt government enabling the psy must be severely condemned. That the psy’s practices must be abolished is clearly obvious when the encroachments become obviously not limited to certain classes of people that the wealthy might look upon as expendable.

Given medical doctors have always been a security threat, and the worst serial killers in history, a government that enables the handing of people over to medicos for invasive cruel experiments, by force, is diabolical. In 1886, prior to Federation, Australia had a Royal Commission to determine an option of appeasement for those medicos hell bent on obtaining human bodies. The people that got thrown into those concentration camps, then called ‘Asylums’ bending the language into lures and traps of thinking.

The worst ideas to those who agreed to that were yet to become part of the horror, they became entrapped in vicariously through a relative they might not even be aware of existing. When there’s body signatures such as DNA being mapped by medicos and relatives being tortured in horrifically cruel ways by the psy – that’s when everyone can be messed with. Danger too if a foetus is aborted and used for that? Could be things like that too. Medicos hold the means to find out who is a relative to who. People have long felt thing when a relative suffers, or dies, however when there’s a computational system analysis, a web of intrigue and a medico mafia involved in manipulating the situation, that’s when torturing a relative may well entrap another. The ‘blackhole’ datamine there being exploited by those who try to get the numbers they want, the money they want and the power they want. People succumb to their own spell on what they define as ‘torture’ when what they define as ‘torture’ is nothing compared to forced psychiatry. Forced psychiatry is well known to be the worst torture in the world.

Clearly Australia’s concentration camps have to be closed, and by concentration camps that’s the psychiatrists’ facilities where people are forcibly dragged in, tortured into a breaking point of comply with what the psy dictates or far worse tortures will result. Clearly those psy facilities and their enslaving of the population by force has to stop. The psy must not be given access keys to a person’s home either. All Australians must have the right to refuse the psy, the right to refuse all medico orders.

Refugee status for Australians is grim in the UK. Invasion likely to occur before people flow, in Australia, particularly if Australians keep crying, ‘Close the Camps’ and not referring to the concentration camps that are the psych facilities where debauched disgusting horrifying experiments on Australians occur. That people from overseas also get put into these psych facilities sometimes and violated isn’t the biggest per cent grab of people in Australia by the psy for these cruel experiments.

People apply for refugee status in all sorts of countries to get away from what has become a threatening situation in their homeland. Australians do that as well, and usually on a need to know basis with money exchanging hands for the passage to occur. The psy must not be permitted to escape this way. The psy must be put in prison and force to pay reparations to the Australian people for the damages done to people, economy, infrastructure and security. If there’s more than that the psy have to pay for, then that must be accounted for too.

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