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Australian government going into debt to pay medicos?!

Let's look at the recent developments of our current government and how they're doing golden handshakes with corrupt medicos, and declaring it in the public interest to do so....

The emergency departments are near empty, yet the Australian government is borrowing money to pay more money to whitecoats. So, the current government opens up elective surgery, to give emergency departments business as usual. Meanwhile non-whitecoat related jobs are still being subjected to lock-downs and restrictions. The financially disenfranchised don't have libraries to access computers, and those who couch surf, are not allowed to as autumn approaches winter.

Medico organisations want to grab at what they see as a money pile

Tonic Health Media using the ABC to bid for funding via Swan and his psy cronies to make medico propaganda.

How on earth is it essential to indoctrinate the public, or medicos into theories that are based on corrupt pharmaceutical organisations? It isn't, that's the nature of corruption, it doesn't make sense to the people, just to those getting the money or power by fraudulent means.

Legal system corrupted

Royal Commission - that the people being subjected to forced psychiatry, wanted in order to open up the medico corruption and stop the vile, cruel forced human experimentation racket that is the mental health system, has turned a side-road and is now being used to promote a whole other lot of medico racketeering. And still the forced psych drugs and other procedures that shut people down and make them vulnerable, disabled of their abilities... that also increases, under the current advice from officials allowed to be heard.

Australia needs a legal challenge to refuse medicos, not more restrictions, silencing, exploitation and abuse... for the profit of the whitecoats and their government racketeers who get CEO positions in whitecoat organisations, after being PM, for doing the whitecoats' bidding while in office.

Roll out of more restrictions & intrusive monitoring

Government officials don’t want to be tracked and traced anymore than the rest of us. People do not want or need unjust, inhuman restrictions. And the general public, who have not ever been subjected to forced psychiatry, are starting to recognise that some really inhuman, unjust things are possible, our current government just legislating it without the public's permission, or consultation.

That legislation where people get dragged off and subjected to torture, exploited for human research, that the general population think they understand. The general population will cite the 'they must be a harm to self and others' and the same principle that is in the Mental Health Acts, of 'potential harm to self or others, or potential deterioration of health' - can be applied with the new COVID-19 legislation.

Are people starting to understanding what 'potential' means in these pieces of legislation? I'd say, that the COVID-19 legislation is far clearer than the Mental Health Act, in that it basically says, 'Stay in your yard'.

The Mental Health Act says nothing about what the boundaries are. The Mental Health Act, is a psy who says you have COVID-19 and must be treated by force with novel and experimental maltreatments, without any kind of proof there is a disease, or any kind of test that proves anything. The Mental Health Act, there's no temperature test, or blood test, or anything... it's based on the psy said so, just because. And, you will be maltreated for the rest of your life, because the psy said so.

Revenue raising, through police fines, or through forced human experimentation (via the psy denying you capacity to refuse them). It's not really okay to do that. Do you see how it happens all too easily?

Victims of Psychiatrists (VOP) are still being violently persecuted, while psychiatrists are getting their fat wages, plus extra, even though our government is going into debt to pay for what we, the people, do not want, and certainly do not need. Forced psychiatry has never been ‘least restrictive’, it’s always been most restrictive and violating of human rights.

While the country is in lock-down and people cannot take a stand physically with VOP. I want those who use the internet to think about what is happening in our justice system, and the encroachment on our justice system via our medical system. And think very carefully about how they should value their right to criticise when they see medical corruption, their right to know information about medical corruption, and certainly their right to refuse the corruption of medicine.

Novel and experimental products and procedures are NOT medicine, they are experiments and to deny people the right to refuse such experiments is horrific. So, why is it happening, and why are new laws being drafted to push this even further? Why, indeed are these experiments being called medical treatment?

If the forced human experimentation inflicted on victims of psychiatrists (VOP) by psychiatrists were not about novel/ experimental products, procedures or programs - there would be no reason in mental health personnel writing up this forced human research, and it certainly wouldn't be paid for by pharmaceutical companies and other agencies that have vested interests in marketing their products.

So, given there is no doubt that exploitation is happening, of an invasive cruel kind - why are vulnerable members of the community traditionally subjected to invasive cruel human research being denied the right to refuse?

Because those who exploit the community, in these invasive cruel experiments are criminals.

Abolish Psychiatry recognises –

The need to be allowed to question authorities

The need for parliamentarians to question exploiters, rather than submissively bow to what they’re advised by corrupt medico-pharmaceutical companies, and the need for journalists to question authorities-gone-wrong rather than perpetrate propaganda, and our legal teams working to get the breakthrough case to stop this exploitation racket that is the mental health system in Australia to cross-examine the psy as criminals, rather than employ them as experts.


  • What are some ways a person can get out of the welfare system while they are still being forcibly subjected to neurotoxins that shut down their ability to think, move, and disfigure their attractive qualities? Why do officials think it is reasonable to vilify those exploited as 'burdens' for the profits of whitecoats ?

  • What are the legal parameters of applying compassionate and last resort novel and experimental research without consent, that medicine has to be wary of? What might happen when forced human experimentation is abolished and condemned? Will there be years of forced human experimentation still occurring and authorities not prosecuting this crime?

  • What legislation and societal set-up is causing a person to suffer discrimination after being subjected to a mental health order? Can this be addressed after the vile cruel exploitation of mental health orders are abolished?

  • Can a people overcome a government regime that persecutes them? Or just find ways of denying the persecution is a problem, as they get older? How many generations will the invasive cruel exploitative regime last?

  • How can people overcome identifying with hate-speech directed at them and find ways to not feel ashamed or blamed as they get older? How can the government mental health regime training people to use hate-speech be stopped?

  • How can the government be stopped from using toxic hygiene products that cause more harm and deaths than COVID-19 ever will?


The need to abolish Capacity Law

Capacity Law is such a law in Australia, that conflicts with basic human rights and equality, and opens up a cavity of injustice, whereby an individual can be silenced through torture, denied employment and exploited by force for invasive human research. It is unjust medicalisation on a person, who expresses clearly their refusal of a medical product, in order that the product be forced, despite the refusal.

It is never just for purported science of human ‘type’ to get in the way of equality. Rule of one kind, is not a rule that equates to equal recognition, and it is a path to a corrupt society that cannibalises justice.

When judging a person, it should be on the basis of their actions and words as an individual – and how these test the law. The idea of a person’s mental state being judged, is wrong. Judgement must always be on the basis of their actions and their words – and how that sits within the boundaries of law, and if the duties of employment, or lawfulness are being performed.

A medical diagnosis cannot determine boundaries of the law, when a medical diagnosis is used to typify a group of people, it is irrelevant pseudoscience caged in the idea of bogus ‘prevention’ of harm that was never an actuated.

Prejudice, based on type-casting individuals into categories for the purposes of making them into a lesser being, that psychiatrists inflict, is not permitted in a country that is about democracy and equality. Having such a system that medicalises for the purpose of exploitation, belies any claims of equal rights under that country’s law, and reduces the country to a whitecoat totalitarian state.

Corruption grows inequality

Equality is about judging people on what they are able to do, without discrimination on the basis of a prejudice – be it a medical diagnosis, or pseudo science that poses as medical for the purposes of exploitation, making another human unequal before the law. Equality is important, because without equality, corruption grows, and governments can borrow heavily to pay their friends big sums, while taking from the people and the land – then leave that country that they devastated, leave that country they controlled by through those who exploit without mercy, then, well then, those they exploited stay in the country they love, that is their country they will never leave are then to be labelled ‘poor’, from a ‘poor country’. Poor Australia - the people who want to live here don't want that.

It is important we all have the right to criticise what we see as a breach of human rights, what we see as corrupt, what Australians see as outrageous exploitation, most especially when Australians being told that these medico organisations that are inflicting exploitation, espionage, foriegn interference and terror are heroic. We all know who our heroes are, we don’t have to be told, we resent that anyone would think Australians are that simple, that impoverished of thinking, as to affirm the government propaganda 'heroes' who exploit us.

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