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Arrangements and instructions

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Author – Ms Initially No, policy writer, civil rights journalism; CEO of The Painter And The Writer Gallery;

Set-ups are not interesting; the scandalous matter has to be properly put, and that is more work than anything else, for a journalist. Do due diligence, and then accomplishment, that obviously doesn’t aid and abet cartel crime.

Old saying about industry personnel and people doing work to repair that if they wanted ‘wire instruction’, that they were to be given the wrong measurement and ‘fug them to put an eye to the manual’.

Problem with robotic systems is they get sabotaged, and a person whom read the manual, is also harassed, checks the measurement, and thinks on the intrusion as something weird out there that should not be there. There is a reporting system, that would apply, if the person was in a particular occupation, that then would need attending to, to out the ‘strange arrangement’ and ‘intrusive instruction’ that was uncalled for and incorrect.

Example of this –

Soundbytes incorrect direction is ‘business as usual on the wire fetishes’; ‘that are not meant to be there at all’; ‘can someone’; ‘1 warrant espionage’; ‘2 on the doctor that is suspected of cartel activity with that arrangement that is peddled and meddled enough with us today’; ‘yes we mean the medical physics muck doctorate, is that criminal, they always are – didn’t you read enough books to know that’ – all of that needs to be understood to recognise the correct direction. The staff giving correct directions, must not be incompetent or corrupt.

When criminals are co-conspiring they are ‘making a plan’; and when it is too extreme one of them says, ‘that is suicide’ and ‘I don’t want to be locked up for you saying that’.

Law-abiding people should not have to put up with that content.

That criminals whom convert that muck, that of criminal co-conspiracy to criminal intent, used by RANZCP, to interrogate citizens they arbitrarily detain, on ‘suicide’ and if they are ‘making a plan’. When a person says, ‘no I’m not’, and they’re not believed, and still written up as ‘won’t admit to making a plan’.

RANZCP fellows don’t solve criminal intent. RANZCP fellows torture citizens, as though they have permit codes to ‘torture to get confession’. Though, there is no reason, no crime, that RANZCP fellows perpetrate a bring in on citizens. Only potential reason RANZCP fellows were called is to ‘check for devices of espionage’, though, that would have been after formal charges of an espionage offense, and proof of that, or meant to be. That in Australia there really has never been a good search method via Spital, for items of espionage, and RANZCP fellows and other medicos are part of the intercorporate cartel, spies evasions tactics.

The ’cornea’ and ‘corner tactics’ mucked by intercorporate cartel into medical ocular appointments. The violators exploiting citizens, whom attempted to purchase glasses, and were tested in a way that requires contract law and enforcement, at optometrists, to ever allow for. The thefts, and sales of maps, scans, measurements of human eyes, and photographic matter – must not be allowed, ever, and anything like that found, suspected. And ‘every security force member has one or two go awry so what’, is outrageous attempt by intercorporate cartel to not understand the violation, that is horrifying damages on citizens.

RANZCP fellows, deliberately fire espionage at people they arbitrarily detain and torture, with zoo animal drugs, and espionage assaults, and if the victim complains about not being able to read, or anything to do with eyes, the RANZCP fellow does a ‘test’, and then says, ‘your eyes are fine you’re imagining it’. Totally evil. Then intercorporate cartel, with small goods chain store, put that on an app and name it ‘old hindi picture with dot colour in cornix of eye’, and other contrivances. Nasty hit and flick device, when the picture is used for some data-theft, and needs detect. Human to be then named ‘picture’ by a photo of the human over the top of that, and the espionage assault at the human (which at this time24/12/2022 2:04 PM is myself).

Equipment of espionage, that is a system of patent registration, given patent-like rights, with little or not search required – Utility Model – is not available in some countries for good reasons, data-theft, horrible, and this that RANZCP fellow perpetrate.

RANZCP fellows are not exactly patent registration, and attempt to use patient rights. With patent-like rights, and ‘utilize’ that which isn’t a loophole to be allowed. There was a patients rights book that was given out by Spital, that basically said – you Australian citizens have no rights and will be exploited any way we want, and if you’re polite and lucky enough to get a lawyer it’ll only be a dump-truck lawyer, that will tell you to agree to all we demand.

It is the Cert, that people are really concerned about at the moment, the Cert cars in Australia, have witness intimidated and been caught on streaming of security camera, in my street, attempting ‘door jams’ and ‘unlocks’, and holiday season, where people travel to family and friends, people want to know that the Cert, isn’t still going to be perpetrated.

The slang term, certificate d’utilite, is corruption of standards certifiable. This is concerning, recent suspicious activity, 23-12-22, cartel that are adjoining wall to my property, attempted to convert something with that word ‘certified’, and put a Spital mock on that, slang. Looking then for the truth, the crime that would be, co-conspired, so there not further ugly blame-shifted onto my law-abiding business.

Definition would be that when standards certifiable, unacceptable to socialise with are with reference to the electronic weapon of a particular kind or status, if possible to certify as non-dangerous, then that. Otherwise, military may need to be understanding the matter further, to stop foreign interference, and serious cartel activity (that really cannot easily be separated, and difficulties are when cartel get hold of that idea of fobbing off citizens reporting cartel activity that involves foreign interference espionage and data-theft of other kinds).

The utility model must be thoroughly searched, even if said to have non-dangerous certification, from RANZCP fellow or other medico. The Spital isn’t an authority on military or policing, it is also known corruption, that claims authority too easily.

When there is foreign interference data-theft there should not be a thorough search, due to dangers, there should be search to recognise that the devices are espionage and crime requiring confiscation and arrest, is made obvious in other ways. The thorough search seems to a data-theft, and converter on any warrant issued, and ‘seems like’ police arrest action in noisy interference, is data-theft criminals converting the system, and doing further damages, concealing by that, and claiming the data-theft to further trick, and Spital bring-in on citizens, or attempts are arranged; and spies evasions. Then, the cartel repeat espionage assaults, and the attempts, to increase conversion to backwards on legal writ.

A human isn’t certifiable; a thing is, that is to qualified, disqualified, confiscated and disarmed.

Example –

That the ‘thing’ was ‘in sanitary liquid prior to inserting so there should be no issues with infection or push for further applications to that’ is ‘conditions apply’ and ‘did follow instruction manual/ or didn’t’ clause writ on packaging. That and, ‘can you put it in sanitation so it can be collected by the agency involved so there are no further sounds that alert the community as to the contrivances of which that thing may apply’.

Did the ‘thing’ do something unlawful? No not someone’s hand, or the x-ray from that break, that keeps appearing as the ‘unlawful’, it might have been perpetrated by espionage contrivances, and the person may want to prosecute the offense of the ‘mulberry bush tel cover up ramble like a rabbit up a hill’ that no one should follow, and ‘don’t boil silk worms unwrap them carefully’ secret talks, and false-blame that the cartel then perpetrated on good thread made for cleaning teeth, that could be composted, and wasn’t nasty chemical on gum-line. No, not all that – try to focus on that which is right now, should be policy, not 2019. So, did the ‘thing’ do something unlawful in 2022, ‘yes it did and so did the human using it though usually is thrift object for another’s country’s wealth’. Not permitted ‘thing’ is Utility Model; the certifiable claims are deception. If someone else has ‘insert in wrist’ please don’t blame-shift, onto another human, that was put through something awful, and doesn’t have anything that can be named Utility Model, or espionage, in their human body.

There needs to be stronger intercept of the Utility model, in ‘hair tie’ and ‘waist band’ and phone-like device at Weaver Cathleen kitchen staff, for instance, as in transmitters 23-12-22, when there were espionage assaults.

There isn’t meritoriousness in Utility model that is war crime on citizens.

There is necessity in punishing cartel intercorporate shell companies and syndicates and all whom fire electronic weapons and violate citizens. The punishment is to deter future harmful conduct.

When cartel is organised fascism, too obvious to ignore, though has ‘animal blinkers’ and other apps to persuade direction and deny reality, and indoctrinate.

Violators have a registrar on a Utility Model, to ‘arm’ via the inserted device, and naming an infringement a ‘clear zone’, or ‘clearance’.

That there should not be data theft of UK policing on a device, of personnel delivering gas bottle. They should not be coding into sky without permit, there should be more responsible management and understanding of fittings rather than call for help as though line-in is always necessary, that, and should never be any cartel conduct attempt to contrive to push and lobby via UK gas and fuel, very different country to Australia. It is outrageous fraud, that has been attempted prior and got into Australia Federal Parliament, as well as Victoria’s Parliament. Citizens were querying why that would be important to Australian people, and then recognised the UK policing on horror matters to do with winter UK, that isn’t ever Australia. That ‘fire protection scandals’ are not to be data-thefted, either. That clearance of throat, and ‘long distance send’ said to be ‘lozenge’ are cartel crime, when flicked onto another human, to ‘clear throat’. That of ‘you’ve got to do it when they’re not around’; and fires espionage assaults on eyes of a human, is outrageous conduct, by known cartel ALTERMATE ENTERPRISES PTY. LTD. ABN 38 111 446 194, logistics, to gas & fuel company, in Maldon. What were they going to do? ‘Take their masonry apart or other just a little bit at a time so that it crumbles behind the wall jam so that people know that we’re no good at what we’re doing and have to compensate all the people locally and then suspend the licences of all gas companies in Victoria, and do the battery pad thing or other’, conspiracy to defraud, and sabotage heritage buildings. That and espionage assaults. Horrible criminals. Then, the espionage devices have the ‘battery pad’ to threaten and menace, if authorities attempt to switch off their espionage devices, and blame-shift for crime onto the ‘battery pad’. That VicPol data-theft, on their devices as well, and attempts to impostor, are RANZCP fellows, attempting to push the defrauding further, and espionage assaults on myself, threats and menacing, ‘we’re going to switch it off now’, indicating computer I’m using to type these words.

The Latin is uti possidetis International Law that the administrative boundaries when political subdivision or colony achieves independence. Something of that is still being used on Australian citizens, after 240 years post-invasion.

When the violation is on a human’s body, the claim is not permitted by international laws. That the cartel, Wilson claiming people as ‘things’ via medical terms for areas of a human’s body, where Wilson points the electronic weapons, and then using the device instruction such as ‘decompress the air into the human body more to certify that is a pain-threshold worth a weapon of war’. That really nasty espionage assault on myself. Nasty horrible violation. Original intentions of such weapons totally redirected.

Too many people are perpetrating crime, and must be jailed and subjected to forced labour and pay for damage, sabotage, and violations.

How many people subjected to forced psychiatry are spies evasion? None. They’re the shield violation tactic of the intercorporate cartel horrors, whom arbitrarily detain them.

RANZCP fellow should not exist as an organisation in Australia.

Transmission, ‘RANZCP fellow gives battery power to armed forces against criminalisation of certain tactics of NZander alliances and then says stuff you for not understanding what we do to buffer the noise by using people whom are’ then various attempts to name-call, then old violation speech, racism, unacceptable violations against Australian citizens, of naming First Nations Australia, and anyone whom ‘sides with the wrong side’. And, ‘no we don’t use the jails they’ll thrift us too much’ is that of Foreign Interference Espionage, as is the horrible old invading pirates perpetration.

A country must have a reason for punishment that is severe, never allow for war crime on law-abiding citizens and ‘civil servants of good standing’ such as ‘damar polish owner whom contributes a fund’ would have to be reworded, and legal, clearance for codes, and espionage intrusions, if a politician were to attempt to go near articulating that. It is scandalous matter here, and I’m putting it properly, in that I do not approve, or aid and abet, though necessary to purpose of making certain that people understand the difficulties in policy. The serious cartel activity is ‘insert’ and that may pertain to a Utility model ‘fund’ and device, that must not be permitted.

Australia must realise that serious cartel crime, can be shut down and shut up just as much, and as easily as law-abiding citizens (and in future, that law-abiding citizens won’t be so easily shut down and shut up).

The treatment of criminals to that which RANZCP perpetrates on law-abiding citizens, that could be named ‘necessary’; and that which RANZCP perpetrates on law-abiding citizens not only unnecessary, an outrageous violation, totally unreasonable for RANZCP fellows to claim is ‘necessary’.

In Australia jailing people for no reason, is perpetrated against First Nations Australians; and that makes police unreasonable when that is perpetrated, instead of the Foreign Interference Espionage, and serious cartel medico-pharmaceutical violators of radiocommunications devices, that need to have an espionage weapons inspection on a utility model, that isn’t a ‘ute’ or a ‘vehicle’ though there may be that name on the espionage device deliberately to contrive, that of espionage concealment. The old violation of ‘ute milk’ is that. When that violation is a cartel violation, foreign interference, against citizens, so citizens can’t go anywhere, same as ‘battery drain’.

When citizens get blamed for foreign interference espionage – that is when authorities act as though the Foreign Interference Espionage doesn’t exist, and is something only medicos and the Spital know about. It does exist, and the corruption is medico-pharmaceutical serious cartel conduct, and manufacturing of the espionage devices, utility models.

A country shouldn’t privatise their utilities, that are industry necessity for Government understanding of intrusions, mis-directions, sabotage to intelligence infrastructures.

There is an espionage arrangement – ‘I’ll never get him back unless I make him realise how hard it was’; and usually ‘ex-wife’. That of getting the ‘direct’ and cartel claiming security management via arguing couples to ‘old adage’ and data-thefting furtherance. The ‘Him’ of church claim, sometimes really outrageously wrong, not permitted at all, mispurpose of National Security must not be.

A criminal in high position, is easily replaced, by another criminal – though best that position never go to a criminal. There is some argument, in espionage, that a violator, that is Mt Alexander Shire council, with NZ access codes, then connect to UK, is attempting to arrange circumstances via bikes and racketeering, that and racing competitions, to be ‘essential’ and ‘irreplaceable’. That the conspiracy in devices on 23-12-22, and prior, to ‘cave in street’ and ‘believes it is going to happen sooner than they think’ is not something to tolerate, totally unnatural offense of espionage.

That the former NZ convict turned council worker in Australia, intends to ‘change code of conduct charges’ by alert system that is – human is being fired at by subversive spyware of Gardner, Stephen.

Workplace policy regarding that of staff using code-cut for their work, only permitted that office, and theft, if found else-where. Former-workers using code-cut from workplace that was Govt Office, or Industry, may need to be examined as to inappropriate transfer of workplace secrets. If there is general basis of qualification and appropriate guide, that would make understand of boundaries.

The cartel, RANZCP fellows, getting into software of a citizen qualified. Why would Australia allow that violation and sabotage of a citizen? The citizen was fairly good at learning to code for websites and animations, before the sabotage.

RANZCP fellow in newspaper with ugly grin talking up funds for detecting emotions on humans to check for ‘depress app result’ and other war crimes. The theft from software that was not belonging to RANZCP, is likely. Instead of software being for creative arts, showcasing, design placement, being then used to test for results of violent espionage weapons on civilians, and ‘map the expressions’. Ugly puppeteer. That getting in the way of citizens that are artists, and if practising long enough, write original codes, necessary, for a government office, or industry office.

RANZCP fellows sabotaging everything in Australia, that is potentially strong, law-abiding, and original.

Intrusion, ‘Be a civil servant of significance’ means ‘just do the routine and as you are told’ and not refuse unlawful directive? Why? It might be sabotage on the peace!

A matter of ‘certificate of relief from civil disabilities’ must be understood in Australia, as it seems New Zealanders exploit misunderstanding. They’re a felony, they’ve been charged, convicted, and said to prove they are rehabilitated. Notifications to Australia, on the felony charges, have not been given. New Zealander felons, cartel think Cert is ridiculous and too easy in Australia and contrary. That and when a person receives such a document after committing two or more felonies to be termed ‘Cert of Good Conduct’. And ‘Cert cart is everything here’. Felons are never ‘good conduct’ cert in Australia.

Foreign interference espionage plays on that, talks up ‘backsgameon’, ‘lottery’, and say the Cert means they’re ‘good at conducting streets and such’ when applying for Council employment, and Utility funds via Utility Model that is insert in their body, hidden, not detected at border crossing, or inserted in Spital in Australia.

Something else gets played by ‘knot a bad actor’ and ‘bad actor’ via New Zealand, and that then thespians or Actors Equity Australia get fired at by espionage, despite knowing that is wrong, that which is in espionage, and that the talk in frequencies intruding is of criminals, Courts, reality and that isn’t fiction, or drama based on historical reference.

There is a term both RANZCP and other medicos use in Australia, ‘special relationship’, then with medico, it is ‘between doctor and patent/ patient’; that then Australia is also said to have ‘special relationship with New Zealand’ despite the obvious long-distance and totally different country that is so much smaller than Australia. ‘Share so much’ and ‘we are united under similar flags’, don’t seem accurate or reasonable, it is a contrivance via the RANZCP and other medicos, to violate via an intercorporate cartel access to Australia, as if New Zealand citizens are to be trusted more than anyone else in the world.

The Latin – ut voluntas testatoris sortiatar effectum – very dangerous, misuse in Australia, pertaining to the will of the testator may be effectuated, that ‘tom foolery’ has got into with ‘loto/ lots/ park’ and the Court breaches, that and so-called ‘whistle blower protection’ on issues that require censors for Circuit Court triage that re violent horrible crimes usually. Court Orders must and should be always applied for, if negotiation to speak on issue is there, and Court Order is already in force. There must be application for permission.

That when there is felony of espionage and found both husband and wife to be accomplices, the uxor/ wife, isn’t ‘executor’ and not to have any of the Proceeds of Crime; nor are their children. Legal reason, is that children would be – receiving stolen goods charge, and the Proceeds of rime need to be seized and the prosecution needs to make claims for compensation for damages, and that pertains not to family, that perpetrated the crime of espionage, or any of those whom are involved with crimes of espionage. For this reason – the crimes of espionage must have punitive deterrent, and there must not be transfers of funding to family members or cartel, whom later whisper, ‘crime does pay’, and increase their violations.

All the complaining cartel criminals perpetrate at arrest, is criminal network breach that exploits a citizen in a horrible way. It is useful to locate victims of crime, that are being exploited, and free them, by moving the weapons pointed, or get them out of arbitrary detention.

When fear of security codes being used by criminals, there are 20 or more innocent people that the criminal may be exploiting by having espionage weapons directed at them, and using the ‘I’m innocent’ and ‘human right violation’ alert content. Free the victims of crime, and arrest the espionage. The victims of crime need to be freed from violations horrifying prolonged and extreme, that the criminal is claiming to be their medical practice. When there are Spital violations and arbitrary detention, torture – it is that which needs to be known as human rights violation priority to end the violation on citizens arbitrarily detained by the Spital, and espionage hostage-system.

This is not something new, something horrible for too many years in Australia.

The victims are never Spital workers. Perpetrators are Spital workers, whom are also enabling spies evasion, and usurping of Government purpose.

When there is ‘U Visa’ status given in Australia, the name for non-immigrant visa granted to non-citizen whom proves they are a victim of a violent crime, or has information about such as crime and co-operates with law-enforcement authorities in connection with the crime.

That status in Australia is questionable on wife of Mt Alexander Shire, Council worker, Stephen Gardner, ‘Kylie’ that ‘plays the trots’ is there. Horrible espionage violations by the pair, and indecent cartel activity. Transmitters are of ‘domestic violence’ claims, that would get Circuit Court writ, and likely data-theft there is extensive, claims of ‘victim of violent crime’, and uses data-theft from UK that pertains to a child whom was violated in 1982.

That application to V visa should be denied Kylie Trott/ Gardner, whom is tagged with that (NZ to USA travel warning) in transmitters espionage, being flicked as pain-thresholds, that are espionage assaults on Australian citizen (myself), and that, is the only reason I would write that, because I’m being intruded on not only by Foreign Interference, but also a Council worker codes and keys access point, and said ‘radiology’ workplace.

The UK ‘T-Visa’ is corrupted, that attempt to trespass is there in espionage, and the cartel do horrifying ‘double decker’ needing to be policed immediately when the fraud is found, and issue is debt or felony, espionage and other horrifying crimes against humanity. Criminal network breach of Court Order such as non-disclosure agreements, and data-theft of that. That should not allow ‘Kylie’ or other cartel a ‘T-Visa’ or similar in Australia.

Student Visa, too many are allowed in Australia, and fees paid by cartel and espionage corruption on universities and schools. Breaches on that are research not permitted and ‘send home and take away via café’.

The non-immigrant visa, or visitor, is that which doesn’t include work, and that which is special guest, being spelt badly, and work that is other than known.

Visa exist for a reason, they must not be confused with another country’s system. That there, other countries have systems corrupted and the data-theft gets used, should have a signal got for authorities, only it is being diverted to law-abiding citizens whom speak to that of holocaust prevention writ, 1946 amendment to the Constitution, demand for repugnant legislation to be made null & void, and other civil rights necessities, citizens whom won’t be corrupted, and are being fired at by the intercorporate cartel intent on hiding the signals the detect need to get, via the repugnancy in the legislation. The citizen then has to contact authorities and fear retaliation and blame-shift from Australian authorities via Spital that perpetrates cartel conduct violations, spies evasion and false visas that get printed at laboratories or other facilities with para-military equipment, that are corporations with foreign-base.

Cartel, is always a crime, never allow for ‘car tel’ and other contrivances. The crime of ‘refinancing loan’ and attempt to use name of law-abiding business, and data-theft during that application. Cartel, blame-shift, ‘yeah their fkry’; ‘got us in troublesome twosome once or twice’ and attempts to sky access links by code-lines that are fraud attempt.

Acronyms in Australia, one of those is very wrong in Victoria. In USA there is System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) for approval prior to travel. In Australia, Victoria this acronym is used as Emergency Services switchboard. All those emergencies should not be combined in one switchboard, and that acronym is deliberately being used to convert, reroute and pervert the justice in having emergency switchboard. Australia should not be using that acronym for High Security of anything other than travel warnings, if that. Too dangerous for Australia.

Discovery papers would reveal the push for ESTA, in Victoria, and whom are the Foreign Interference Espionage violations. RANZCP is suspected of being heavily involved in that corruption of emergency services.

When there is visible crime, street crime, that is parade of horrors, espionage, and deportation arrest search warrants converted to dispossess/ expel another – the medical machine misdirects then makes a human vomit, to be said to be that, and records that as data, to get around ‘perjury’, when application for Visa. The deport arrest search warrant, is intended for machine of foreigner, no citizen, the ‘medical condition’ is the machine alert to name the direction shift and potential misuse fraud attempt. That and necessary to seize Proceeds of Crime, and other actions of military policing, Latin, vis expulsiva, that and latin via exturbativa, is different as is a eliminating force, very dangerous to convert, and must never be under Spital control (mentioned here, because it is cartel violation, and that they are violation of that.) Forced used to thrust out another, when two claimants are contending for possession, gets into family Circuit Court; though must be considered when pertaining to two claimants that are violation possession of Utility model, or other unlawful; and spies evasion, data-theft, and contrivances of domestic violence data-theft via court for protection.

Spital in Australia, claims to be unarmed force, vis inermis; they are para-military; and should not be permitted that, too corrupt, and too much Foreign Interference Espionage, that are Spital workers, claiming to be patent/patients and data-thefting from citizens via torture weapons that the Spital tests on citizens.

A ship suspected of piracy – and a logistics trucking suspected of piracy carriage, are separate visit, though necessary for state to exercise search and seizure.

Cartel transmits, ‘I just fired at her but I don’t think I can get total shut down of the network unless I get the writ from the courts that I’m an Australian citizen like her and all her assets are mine. I just won’t tolerate it otherwise’; Transmits, ‘You know when they do stuff to assault eachother husband and wife stuff like that I want to get into that with radical lawyering,’ has other conspiracy to data-theft of policing. Nasty espionage assaults, while working. Intrusions are also wage-theft.

Vis compulsive, is violation that is unconstitutional and structural error on courts when converted by Spital. The compulsory force must be exerted on RANZCP fellows, to remove their Utility modes, espionage devices, immediately. That is the menacing force of terror, that must be felt by RANZCP fellows. That RANZCP fellows perpetrate, and hold citizens hostage in arbitrary detention and citizens exploited (by espionage devices of RANZCP) must be recognised as the civil rights/ human rights demand that RANZCP fellows must not claim as theirs. RANZCP fellows are violating human rights. The term ‘compulsory treatment’ is High Security – recognition, consideration and discussion of terms, pertaining to Utility Models and other devise that might be of espionage violation if used incorrectly or containing evidence of data-theft.

If this is all understood, and all are knowledge, then there should not be espionage assaults on my human body.

There are systems in errata because there is corruption of government office and that is needing attention quickly for strategy for arrest warrant, search and seizure of all espionage threat devices.

Violator Council worker, Stephen Gardner, is transmissions, espionage assaults, and attempt to claim ‘T Visa’, pertaining to victim of trafficking, that is UK data-theft. Gardner is ‘ludo cludo’ muck and mock on horror human trafficking reported in UK. That and in Australia is violation via ‘services for elderly’ that is arbitrary detention and torture regime of horror that Gardner perpetrates at Spital. Whom perpetrates the trafficking offense? Usually an ambulance. The elderly person usually doesn’t suspect they will be detained and tortured forever until they die. All ambulances have trafficking charges against them in Victoria and NSW.

The massive interest that Spital workers in Australia have with people smuggling, is the data-theft by courts, and claim of their status as witness for ‘trafficking victim’; otherwise attempt to use infringements and offenses is ridiculously obvious violation exposed by emboldened violators, that paraded horrors, in small township of Maldon, Victoria.

Woman, ‘red cross’ syndicate Pfizer visiting Weaver Cathleen via Tobin Lane entrance, claiming to be ‘victim of trafficking offense once a car slammed straight inta me!’ on device cloud Utility contact model Pfizer. ‘in love with soco-political equations’ is there as well and ‘in error to name it so’; ‘social list and socialist’ fascism. Wilson perpetrates misdirect, ‘U Visa’ that of ‘victim of violent crime’ claim is converted via ‘coffix mix’ carriage issue of ‘comes with’ and ‘burgle burble riter’ is their laugh robotic in the kitchen. Traffic offenses, are shell group of Pfizer, ‘Weaver Cathleen’.


Federal Constitution of Australia Act, 1-V-51-xxiiiA

Black's Law Dictionary; 11th Edition; Bryan A. Garner, Editor in Chief; Thomas Reuters

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