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Ambiguous Legislation must not pass

Someone wants to know my authority. I'm co-owner of a gallery, that gallery has a name, The Painter And The Writer Gallery. That can be found as a registered business, and people can also visit my business, and I will either be there, on that day, or my partner, will be, or, there's a phone number to call, to verify whom I am. I also have books, I have published - and that, is verifying with certainty whom I am. That isn't ambiguous.

Knowing that which is theory, compared to truth. Legal issues, clarity of purpose - straight forward. That, and Legislation, must never be ambiguous, or crime finds the legislation easy to use against the people of that country that allows it.

If overreach is defeat of one's own purpose by going too far; that is when consideration for where the nullify is necessary, in order to avoid ambiguity. Don't want the Judge to allow in a crime to obstruct or pervert justice. People worried about overreach, while criminals violate the courts and parliament and perpetrate vicious overt witness intimidation; perpetrate fraudulent commercial means to usurp or get advantage over another, exploiting the ambiguous Legislation that must not be passed. And if was passed, by an incompetent Parliamentarian, must be made void.

That Legislation must not be passed, when it is unconstitutional, such as Victoria's Mental Health Act 2014, which is also ambiguous, in that, the terms used are loose, designed by criminal intent and action, to perpetrate against a person; designed with intention to arbitrarily detain, enslave and torture - and name those crimes against humanity - a provision, service of medicine. All Australian people have the right to refuse, provisions and services under The Federal Constitution of Australia Act, 1946 amendment, 'but not so as to authorize any form of civil conscription' (1-V-51-xxiiiA). That Constitutional right to refuse provisions and services, is being exploited by the legislation that should not have passed, into a corrupt nest egg for psychiatrists, and their pharmaceutical companies (that are a subversive stealth push, that exploit security management, and name it a medical instrument, when it not permitted, and is a violation that is induction, indoctrination, and nasty violence. Psychiatrists have stolen, thefted data, and used it on people, at close range, to test reactions of people; and 'discover' the military or government secret means of communication. Then, named the sufferings of people subjected to those tests, 'ill'.) It is improper, criminal of RANZCP fellows in Australia to demand a person be arbitrarily detained, and forcibly subjected to poisons standards breaches, and other tortures. The crime of slavery is also a crime that RANZCP fellows are perpetrating, that and concealment of the RANZCP fellow's treasonous acts of data-theft, concealing shipments that are an infect (so something illicit comes with the licit).

When a person whom is being exploited by psychiatrists; the person pelted by security management directed by the psychiatrist at the person; and Industry, or Government attempt to find the horrible data-thief, the psychiatrists, RANZCP fellows point at the innocent human, while the RANZCP fellows go to extremes with their data-thefts. Horror of horrors. Then, the insult further, is denial that such is.

  1. Crimes of the enslavers, being said to be a person, whom the enslavers, arbitrarily detain, torture, and exploit in a way that slavery is defined.

  2. Crime of Unconstitutional Legislation, ambiguous legislation that Parliamentarians should never have passed. That allowing for a misdirection of charges.

  3. The Tribunal, that is the Mental Health Tribunal is a Structural Error. That allowing for Crimes Against Humanity and The Commonwealth to be perpetrated by the incompetent or corrupt Government hand that passed the Legislation.

Parliament and legal advisors not examining legislation closely enough to recognise the Legislation is not acceptable - is a horrible crime. That 'opportunities to be not passed up' or 'passing window of opportunity' are a distractor, that then, when ambiguous legislation is signed in - this allows the overt crimes of stealth to increase.

Parliamentarians need to recognise the concealed, that is there for all to see, though, not overt, that warns of horror parading, trespassing. Recognising the concealed, without conspiracy theorizing, it is there at a glance, and a warning - don't allow the Legislation, when that is there, that ambiguity, and certainly not when the Legislation is in flagrant violation with a holocaust prevention writ, an amendment, in force, in the Constitution, that all Legislation must agree with.

Where there is ambiguity in Legislation, there is crime, let in. Crime should not be given that opportunity. The outward crimes of intercorporate extremists that include psychiatrists and pharmaceutical corporations, must not be permitted furtherance of conspiracy, to treason, via Legislation, that is only tabled for Parliamentarians to look at and recognise that there is that, which is crime, that wants to perpetrate.

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