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Affirming the truth

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Author – Ms Initially No, policy writer; owner of The Painter And The Writer Gallery

Undeniable truths, when serious cartel activity, foreign interference, scares a population into denying that truth, or thinking that the serious cartel activity is their Government, or Industry of importance and security management.

There isn’t a good reason, to stay silent, about a potential criminal activity, that has been unlawfully conspired in radiocommunications, or telecommunications, that are unlicenced, trespass, and human rights breach. Though, people don’t want to have to file reports and evidence too often, and not get a response to that which is most obviously a crime, not just a traffic infringement, a cartel purposely going through a street and back again over the speed limit, and to pollute, deliberately with idling, and parking infringements, and trucks without permit, and deliveries of unlawful. That the spectrum is sabotaged, and is uncomfortable for everyone should mean, that something is done. That humans are being fired at by espionage, is assault, and that is serious, and should not be converted to some other signal, and evade detection.

Whomever is refusing to name the truth of the existence of serious cartel activity, foreign interference, and name that which needs to be warrants acted on immediately – is non-sense. A person afraid, a person whom doesn’t know what to do about the situation, a person whom has had enough of being subjected to denial, in attempts to report the crimes of espionage previously.

An intercorporate cartel, that is bold enough to be obvious, isn’t helping anyone with anything, and serious crime to parade espionage devices, that and usurping civil rights, and firing espionage, whitecapping business owner (myself).

That when there is assault, after assault, by espionage device, on citizens, whom are law-abiding, Australian people are meant to recognise that is unacceptable. They’re not meant to say ‘whoopee’ then go with the espionage device that is ‘fire at the seat to get the repeat on the prescription so we can all feel high as a kyte again’, that has a threat and menacing on that, and is espionage assault.

That then, of wage-theft, exploiting a citizen, to be ‘body guard’ to the street all day. Horrible, and be fired at, assaulted by espionage. And for some authority to take some bribe to ‘look the other way’ and deny that the obvious situation of communications devices exists, and is horrible, and must not be said to ‘not be something anyone can stop’, because finish the sentence, ‘not something anyone can stop immediately but there are some things that can be done immediately’; not to be directed to medico vice, of ‘ease her painthresholds’, must be ‘ease the direct to the area where it needs to be aimed at, so that it doesn’t keep misdirecting.’

When there is corruption issues in Government Office, that is when the Government Office is perpetrating the Crimes against Humanity, and the Commonwealth of Australia. Government Office is powerful, given privileges and trust, and must not breach code of conduct, and perpetrate horrible crimes against their office. The Government Office, also has a duty to act to stop war crimes; to stop sabotage to country. That, and International agreements, and country to country agreements, must not be breached, in horrifying ways by a Government Office. Holding a human biometric ID, in government equipment, is not a ‘traditional shield mechanism on Australian people for high office staff from the UK’, no, it is a war crime, not traditional for Australian people at all to take another’s identity and violate them, and it is totally unacceptable to anyone to do that from another country.

A country, that has a powerful leadership team, that does due diligence to their office, is supported by their people.

A civilian should not have to assaulted in her work place, while cartel runs rampant in the street right in front of her, and claims to be her street address, so she has to think of security guard information all day.

For a government to pay the cartel to shift equipment off them, that is only pointed at government because they haven’t done due diligence. Now, a law-abiding government, with a legislation kept in good order, and all repugnancy made null & void, should not be bouncing of flicking signals elsewhere, and certainly should be able to receive the truth, the details necessary, and keep secrets necessary to being kept by Government.

The intercorporate cartel groups, are said to be ‘shell companies’, for an intercorporate.

People whom fear being suspected of a crime, because they are directly in contact with another person, and don’t want to report the espionage crime, want the person to stop violating. They’ve tried to persuade people out of the espionage. And, when that has happened, that has been good, but the other espionage, that isn’t going to stop, needed to be actioned, so that that person wouldn’t then be coerced into perpetrating another espionage crime. That is the truth.

It isn’t something that should be tolerated, when a citizen is being espionage assaulted, while the cartel scam lobby the government for positions of power, and another group of the cartel want radical lawyering and name the espionage ‘sexual assault’ and claim that is the reason they perpetrate the espionage. That isn’t the way the courts should be, that is when there is ‘sneaking in’ espionage into the courts, to test for results there. Then, there is court breaches, and that gets used.

The truth being, that someone such as myself, a law-abiding citizen, just wants to be able to work, have quiet enjoyment, without being violated by the intercorporate cartel. That, harassment perpetrated for two decades, and extremely obvious, in 2020-2022, when I set-up business, Fine Art Gallery, with my partner, in a small township, Maldon, Victoria. There should not be a security system, the is there for detect, being directed at my human body, nor at my business and property.

The intercorporate cartel, have foreign intelligence data-theft, and the perpetrators of this, that are most extreme, are the RANZCP fellows, though, when the set-ups of pharmaceutical corporations are stopped, they get bold and aggressive, and start to install instructions to all, that they are authorities of the township. Corruption in Government office, is the main factor in that, and really, that is why they need to be punished severely, when found out, and court actioned immediately, and that there needs to be discovery on any suspicious devices hidden by them, or their group. That there are claims by ‘biomedical researchers’ that they have been doing that, when they’ve actually been perpetrating a massive encroachment and intrusion, so that they could ‘ship this with that’ and get past security with the infect.

Further to the truth

And looking at Broadcasting Laws

When there is something that is supposed to be merely an indication of that which is long-ago, to do with a TV show, fake, and didn’t last long due to breaches, and was some kind of set-up; and that is being made to be the focus, instead of that which is the crime right now, 2022 – 2025 or whenever Australia is able to recognise the facts that need to be looked at. The old TV show isn’t of interest to anyone other than the intercorporate cartel, and there is attempt to blame shift. The question is ‘did you give away the codes of the talking telephones/ telephonics’ and I’m getting an image of me in a TV studio, prior to millennium, where PH was likely played into by the caller, and as person employed as Actors Equity, whom had an Acting Agent, that also got a fee, it is ridiculous accuse. However, someone in a studio, is wanting the ‘surprise on her face’, and ‘reasons for that’ and ‘if they were coded’.

Truth. You want that do you? The caller in the game-show, found the system too easy, gave a serious of wrong answers, I put that in, the Studio, wanted to play the dummy role, and the caller then changed their answers. Surprise! Because then, the caller is winner, and game-over hand over the money, or prize, that was given, and the show proved to be an utter flop.

Why did I choose to be in such as TV show? Did my Agent send me the contract or someone else?

Oh please, focus on what this is really about. ‘CFA’ employ, came to my shopfront yesterday 27-12-22, with a security device that violates in a horrible way, transmitted as ‘eye hook in’. Horrors. I need to stop them violating my human eye. Dress-maker is saying nothing of it, not anything to do with equipment use. Business partner says it is that ‘burnt handle of da pan, and fixed it’. Some ‘fumes’ issue, and he’s good at understanding fishing, which I’ve never had a licence as an adult to do anything other than watch other do. Now, I could say that ‘pan’ means something else, as far as broadcasting and TV. It is just this – what on earth will it take to refocus on that which is the actual necessity to recognise, and properly put the scandalous matter, so there is no further aiding and abetting of crime in Government Office, or mainstream media broadcasting corporations.

There are a serious of word play associations, that are always there to understand, and I want people to also understand that when the fascists play into that, they’re ‘conceal tactics’ and not a joke. This is horrible, because I enjoy word play, and it is also that I’m an expert at that, means I do understand what the horrible fascists are doing.

Write it up as a joke again?

I could.

Have a think about that.

Prior to millennium there was a political party that played into the PH, and the fishing, the batter, and the fried potato; that and Foreign Interference Espionage, while making racist rants against Australian citizens, whom had been denied civil rights after invasion in 1780. That the political party also got nasty hooks into me. A trust ended for me, it was really only a repayment, of a collapsed building society, that did something very wrong with money I earnt while studying in Secondary School. I intended to set-up a Gallery Exhibition, with the money, in Melbourne, and speak to that which was the demand to civil rights, abolishing of slavery, and speak to that of that there be no civil conscription. Very important since the Australia Act of 1986, that the repugnant legislation be nulled & voided, so that women would not be threatened and menaced, when they attempted to demand that serious violators be apprehended. That was me, at 18.

I have actually already written two authored-biographies, and I find it very irresponsible of mainstream media, that they don’t understand the necessity to speak to books of authors whom are Australian citizens, whom have been subjected to horrifying assaults by Foreign Interference Espionage data-theft, of political parties that should never have been pardoned of their fraud, deceit, and espionage activities (namely that of the party that has perpetrated this not only against me, but also against Australian citizens, whom are First Nations Australians).

My authored-biographies are word-play, that I gave that understanding, so that the books would be engaging to the reader, not so that intercorporate cartel could exploit my writing and say ‘funny or other’ and name the civil rights of Australian citizens ‘funny or other’. Wordplay, sometimes gets a laugh, as I explained in ‘Percipience, outside the range of understood sense’, because we’re looking at several things at once. However, for the fascists, they’re laughing because they’ve obstructed the null & void of repugnant legislation by naming republic repugnant, and such as to make Australian Government not understand that the horror of purple light at night isn’t a good looking dress, or address, it is Broad Ultra Vires charges against them, that is legal matter, that exists because that is the charges against Government when they don’t do due diligence to that which is essential, and attempt to reverse the matter into fascism. It isn’t ‘some lawyer’s doing’, it is National Security, the legislation awry, and justice system. Australian Government should not be directing that at my law-abiding Fine Art Gallery, then, not even attempting to allow me say something. The insult that instead they shake hands with cartel, allow foreign interference espionage to data-theft. I’m horrified.

That and the PH, transmits, ‘Keep blocking her if she keeps attacking us’ does the Australian Government understand whom that pertains to? The ‘her’, whom would that have to be if the security matter is there, it would have to be someone whom is doing something really horrible via the ‘PH’, the political party that should not be pardoned perhaps? The espionage that is foreign interference war crime on citizens, and pharmaceutical corporation, that is genocide world-wide horror, not to be allowed into parliament arenas. That and ‘please block her government she’s lethal’ whom do they think that is. It isn’t Social Media, it is an intrusion on security management of social media, and they attend to that when and if they can. Same should be with government, though with more power and urgency. Whom is the ‘her’. Said now ‘Teresa Van Lieshout’, well, she’s been charged with treason, and she made me think for a while she was potentially friendly. Though, wouldn’t be friends now, after viewing some of the things she said. She didn’t abolish psychiatry enough, seemed to be ‘lead by an app’ into some that was non-sense. Whom else is ‘she’, oh the Pauline H, that one, that people don’t want to name, that is PHON. Well, that one needed to not be pardoned. Violator whom is ‘public face of’ cartel foreign interference espionage, that Australia should not have allowed into politics. Where are Pauli’s qualifications? Is one question. The other is, there is a ‘Pinka’ cartel breach, that also has civil rights, mainstream media and policing of high crime such as espionage. It is International horror understanding. In Australia, that has been used for civil rights, and discredited by cartel.

That, where is my position, wages, and understanding to speak to this? Oh, someone else understands more, well, why don’t I work with them, why let them usurp me, or deny that I exist? Perhaps that person needs to be further understood, as potential obstruction?

Oh yeah, that, and then in comes the slander - ‘well we at Pfizer forces are new zalander mostly to her’; ‘oh do stop misspelling it’; ‘we use her as a typist via monash university degree/ decree or other that she got’. Slander and libel charges against pharmaceutical corporation, acting as cartel in Australia, violating me.

Understand me, my business has been whitecapped in 2020-2022, in a very obvious way. That needs to be spoken to, in an interview, without the horrors being there, and being able to say to law-abiding security management exactly whom the cartel are, when they attempt to conceal by myself, is important.

And there is this – that of cover her up as if dead, and ‘best interests of cartel’ – ‘please don’t exploit her Australian Government’. The is truth there, don’t exploit, don’t wage-theft, of law-abiding citizens, and don’t allow their businesses to be whitecapped, though, please don’t usurp Ms Initially No. Ms Initially No, is law-abiding citizen. No someone whom should have to put up with a horror being said to be her ‘replacement staff’ some horror in front of the camera whom is using a Synthetic ID, and usurping by intercorporate cartel (medico-pharmaceutical and corruption of Government Office via PH.)

Now, 'get a mobile PH' demand. I share, phones with my business partner. Is that a crime?

The robotic, is something that is high maintenance, it isn’t supposed to be for everyone.

Australia must understand humanity. Positions of power must allow that, and recognise we don't all work in High Security Office spaces. Though, when mucked into that, we have some understanding that may be of assistance, and must be honored, respected, give wages for that, and public speaking, is never security lines. Don't ever do that with me, and say that was my request.

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