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Advice and direction for the public

Author – Ms Initially No, policy writer

When there are fires of espionage, assaults on my human body, and there are advertise for people whom never did anything to stop that horror. Why would anyone allow for the violators to get advertise, and exploit further?

An old call goes out to – all get on board. And, when there is a code of conduct violation on anything being aligned with public transport, that is very dangerous. Espionage, electronic weapons, must be never allowed for.

Demands by a violating medico-pharmaceutical cartel, that are claiming to be exactly the policy write to stop espionage assaults and null the repugnant legislation. Claims are nothing near that which I’ve written, they’re a reverse. They use my writing, as if it is to be hidden beneath the hateful cartel violations. The cartel pushing their cart up front with all the fake and outrageous crimes of forced human experimentations, and usurping the people whom are being violated by the cartel.

Victims of espionage assaults must be heard before anyone else.

For another to use electronic weapons, to hit and flick at a human, and say about that person’s work – No they don't hate it, but they think it is funny that they can sit on it and say it is beneath them and write a review that is complementary for their cartel links – When that is there, authors have to be aware that the review is surreptitious warrant for arrest redirected, and other legal matters that horrify.

Sales personnel, are wrong when they want to claim they have sold more products, therefore they are more qualified than the author, to be an author. What that sales personnel is saying is, misdirection, deliberate, to attempt to get further sales. Very bad practice to do that to civil rights authors in Australia, that have been arbitrarily detained, tortured, enslaved and subjected to forced human experimentation, then persecuted, exploited, for their fight to stop the violations. The work of an author, that fights to be able to speak the truth, to make certain Australia isn’t violated, that humanity isn’t violated – that work is worth something more than the number of sales, when there is so much sabotage there, and justice denied. And those false claims, of the sales personnel saying the same things as the author. When there is a horrible usurp of purpose, of that which the author wrote, and want to be able to make certain people understand – then all that which misinterprets, but doesn’t publicly review, and if they do, outrageous slander on social media page, never in mainstream media.

The violators, cartel, are espionage assaults that must be arrested, so they do not continue to perpetrate against the author.

There is no special relationship, between perpetrators of crime, and victims of crime.

The espionage that relates two or more constructs in OSI, and names that relativity, or relations to a shipment Infect/ Addict, is a horrible cruel intercorporate cartel (medico-pharmaceutical), that must not be allowed to violate humans.

Humans said to be the content of the hull of an unlawful shipment, and then, for security management to not understand that the humans are evading detection by exploiting another’s biometric ID, in devices hidden? That is horrible for the victims, citizens of Australia, being used as ID.

It is best the a person whom is a citizen, that has put in a grant application, doesn’t get named a ‘migrant’, in espionage, while the grant application process is there.

That there is a garbage truck attempting to ‘chair lift’ and ‘chase the lounge crew’ and other muck, while firing espionage in Tobin Lane, Maldon, Victoria, Australia, near the skips – that repeated so many times, the authorities should’ve arrested the culprits by now.

It is then to be understood that Spital satellites, are danger, and usurp. Medicos claiming the term ‘doctor’ is their word for their work only, and doctor a doctorate, for their work on dangerous espionage device. Then the medico says they have a special doctor-patent relationship with the person they want to name patient that wants nothing to do with them because they don’t have a biomedical device, that needs to be removed for misuse of licence. The medico however, does have such a biomedical device, exploiting the person’s biometric ID. Then, it is the medico whom needs to be subjected to legal requirements, not the person whom is being exploited by the medico. That should have been actioned as a warrant on espionage of medicos, violating people in their own houses and businesses. The medicos should not be permitted to claim that that they fell asleep while monitoring a dangerous machine, that the supervising medico, is also responsible for. That of 'sleeping arrangements', is mechanical contrivance, and known espionage violation. It is unacceptable to allow a corporation a dangerous machine licence, when there is such corruption, and violation of humanity by the corporation’s dangerous machine licence.

Dangerous machines, electronic weapons that need to be constantly monitored, or switched off. That, and personnel must be competent in recognising any kind of interference, and get the maintenance for the machine. There isn’t a business that is permitted to keep a dangerous machine running, when it is awry with corruption of purpose.

The stupid questions of medicos in transmitters, that demand awry heart monitoring equipment remain switched on, when that not permitted. There are other ways of checking for interference on a human, that is being fired at by espionage weapons assaults. And, questions there, are also, when there are spies evasion tactics, how much faith do people want to place in medico involvement with stopping espionage assaults? Medicos and pharmaceutical corporations more often than not are perpetrators of the espionage weapons assaults.

When there is a phrase such as mental health, that thinking on health (health of economy, finances, legislation, health of the devices, electronics… things that have a health measure.) There isn’t a health measure on humanity, because humans are not electronics, not things, to measure in that way. A person can only be measured in their workplace conduct, and work ethic, and ability to make certain that all staff are law-abiding, and in the position that they are most suitable for, but that isn’t 'health' it is workplace necessity. Ability to recognise when there is a foreign interference intrusion on a company app, or mind, staff may be able to be measured on that, how quickly, and with what detail, and understanding they are able to contribute to office security management on recognising interference on a piece of equipment, that is security, and needs to be read-into and listened to, at times, for structural requirements of a task, that might have updates. Now, working out if they’re interference updates, or legitimate ones.

My business, a Fine Art Gallery, should not be subjected to intrusions that are regarding street wiring, that should be properly maintained by Council and Government employees. It should be rare, and compensated, when such intrusions are there.

Too many tests on humanity involving medicos phrenic measures, and muck with electronic weapons, then, checks to see if the measures had changed, and horrible, really horrible experiments and then, attempts to blame-shift. People outed phrenology as quackery, and said don’t do it, or we shoot medico-muck at the side-show, while they talk up their weird whacks on humanity and name humanity ‘freaks’.

Improper thinking, to ever allow for electronic weapons to be hidden, by violating law-abiding citizens, and allowing for medicos to name those law-abiding citizens, the names of the electronic weapons. Unacceptable to name a human a weapon, when they don’t even know what that weapon is, and have never used such a weapon.

When there is Mental Health Act, which is violation on law-abiding unarmed civilians, that isn’t looking at things/ devices/ electronic weapons repairs, compliance and mechanical failures; when that legislation is Structural Error on the Courts/ Tribunals – that is when people have to seriously recognise there is a big difficulty is using that term ‘mental health’ in Australia. It is horrible crime – for the victims of that repugnant legislation; victims that are being violated (arbitrarily detained, tortured, enslaved, persecuted by RANZCP and their cartel) – for the ministers to ignore the factual information, and necessity to make null & void repugnant legislation.

Healthy legislature can be measured. When legislation is repugnant, the legislature is unhealthy, and needs due diligence, to make null & void the repugnant legislation.

It is not a good security management, to allow for any foreign interference espionage, or cartel conduct that involves poisons track and tracing awry, and electronic weapons intrusions to push for sales of poisons, as if that is of interest to humanity. It isn’t. People don’t want to consume poisons, nor be fired at with espionage to push a person to buy and eat packaged foods that have a quantity of poison people don’t want. Too much of that, fired at a human, that doesn’t want that, and they can name the crime.

Healthy food, are foods that are not poison. That is something that can be measured, that it is the poison that is measured, not the food. That is important for this reason – don’t bother that which isn’t the crime, the risk, the hazard, or the unacceptable violation.

The irony here is that the poison handlers are being named staff of Health department. That, is unthinkable, unacceptable. The old argument is that it is in the quantity, is this – go away horrid whom coerces or forces that on another. Medical or Pharmaceutical packets of poisons, are unhealthy, so the medicos should be the Unhealthy department, and their department shrunk into something very small and unintrusive.

Thinking on the words that are used, in ways that are outrageous non-sense to legally look at. Advice and direction for the public on this would be, don’t consume the medical or pharmaceutical packets, and if you do so, at your own risk, and that having a measure of poison in the human body, might be something that is traced or tracked, and that might be applicable to poisons in a machine, which would mean the person then gets correlated falsely, into a measured thing, when they’re not meant to be, or measured potentially for policing reasons, when they’re not meant to be because they obtained the poison in a law-abiding way.

Australia, has laws pertaining to Australia and 600 nations of Australia and thousands of years of tradition; and other countries have their laws to understand as tradition. That isn’t something to mix-up, ever.

When a person has been subjected to forced psychiatry, that person subjected to a forced poison. That if that person is then subjected to tracing and tracking while that poison is in their body, and the spectrographs kept as data, whom would have a vested interest in measuring that? They need to be held accountable for violations that are horrible torture, that can be measured in pain-thresholds. That then, the people subjected to all those violations deserve compensation, after they’ve worked out a way to name the crime, and demand that evidence be given. It is important for Australia to never ignore the people that fight for justice, without compromising their integrity.

When people put up a big fight against violators, and are ignored by humanity, the intercorporate cartel take the big fight and exploit that. Don’t allow that.

The shame of those whom have profited from the crime, the shame increases the longer the crime is perpetrated, and the people violated denied. Be successful, by making certain that victims of crime are heard, especially when it involves espionage assaults, so obvious it cannot be denied.

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