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Author – Ms Initially No, policy writer; owner of The Painter And The Writer Gallery

People whom demand to know what a country is about, should narrow their focus onto the actual, that is there, that may be challenged and changed. That and the due diligence, that hasn’t been attended to, or that which has.

Australia has a holocaust prevention writ, that is a Long Overdue Honour, that of compliance with in all legislation, in such a manner as to defy horror of fascist intercorporate cartel that obstructs that compliance necessary. All legislation must comply with The Federal Constitution of Australia Act. And for holocaust prevention, first of all there must not be any civil conscription. 1-V-51-23A, is in force, and making null & void any legislation that doesn’t comply with that of provisions may/ may not be given, ‘but not so as to authorize any form of civil conscription’. To not officially rubber stamp the unconstitutional legislation - null & void – means there is repugnancy in the legislation, and that is forbidden.

People whom love galleries with cartoons, or political send-ups of the situation, are thinking what could possibly be going on with the legislature –

· Oh pooh this legislation stinks what kind of ink did you print it on!

· Why do these rubber-stamps keep making the null & void go backwards can’t work it out!

Such images can be purchased, at a price, that the visual artist agrees to. And price that means money. Don’t make the visual artist cartoon that one and put it in the window, or then spell it out in lettering that cannot be said to be anything other than plain-English.

Australian citizens, must not be further obstructed.

@initiallyno, on twitter

The Constitution of Australia Act, disqualifies from Government anyone with particular disabilities. There is always discrimination on this basis, if not, the Constitution is not being followed. Discussion for 3rd March 2023 #AustraliaDay, Commencement of The Australia Act.

Never violate unarmed-civilians citizens, as if they were to be limited by the disabilities of Government services items corrupt of the purposes of other Government services. 'Repugnancy' discussion for 3rd of March 2023 #AustraliaDay, Commencement of The Australia Act 1986.

On the 3rd of March #AustraliaDay or Commencement of The Australia Act, discussion of legislative compliance with Constitution #holocaustprevention amendment, before any discussion of flags. Flags are difficult, because they involve secrecy. Legislation is available to everyone!

I don't oppose Australia Day, on 3rd of March. Though, I think Commencement of The Australia Act, is more accurate description of that day, to have meaning, events for citizens of Australia. I do oppose anyone using espionage, to psychobabble terms such as 'virtual signaling'.

Show appreciation for Australia's Fine Arts.

Visual art for that? yes of course!

  • the criminals think the fines systems in Australia and the arts are theirs to be had, to have one over on us citizens, think again!

Legislation for that? yes, it is there. Ignorance is unacceptable, not an excuse.


The Federal Constitution of Australia Act

The Australia Act 1986

The Copyright Act 1968

Competition and Consumer Act 2010

National Gallery Act 1975

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