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Activism and the rain pours

Author – Ms Initially No, policy writer; CEO of The Painter And The Writer Gallery

Australian people, taught to think of espionage assaults as ‘mystery disease’ that only medical personnel can truly know about – is outrageous deceit, when medico pharmaceutical cartel are perpetrating espionage assaults.

Electronic devices, that are weapons; there is a view almost anyone can learn to disarm a weapon, though some techniques are better than others, and a licence to disarm espionage, and position of trust that has resources, and back-up personnel, is generally preferred disarming method. That is why civilians, want their government to do due diligence, to disarming the medico-pharmaceutical cartel. And, I don’t think pushing for policy to train civilians to disarm weapons is a good idea.

Repugnancy in legislation, that isn’t anarchy, because anarchy is a chosen situation where there isn’t legislation to follow. Repugnancy, is where the legislation needs due diligence, the contrary legislation must be made null & void, formally, to stop the medico-pharmaceutical cartel, using the repugnant legislation, and putting the courts/ tribunals into structural error.

Prosecutors that deny citizens, and allow cartel to ‘rain maker’ the court system into a circuit for foreign interests, and war crime of citizens. Prosecution should be there for citizens whom need the intercorporate cartel arrested, imprisoned and prosecuted. Medico-pharmaceutical cartel, have exploited Australian citizens, and put prism numbers on law-abiding unarmed civilians. That, and when the warrants are not actioned, the citizens are violated further, and the writs are data-thefted.

An office must be able to recognise a sabotage misdirection, as unlawful, and likely foreign interference. That, and know when staff are not to be trusted, suspected sabotage, attempting to inveigle and control government office via serious cartel activity, with grotesque boost, jam, and other unlawful actions on frequency allotments, that intrude.

The repugnancy in legislation makes for a difficulty in security management, though application legal understanding must be there always, never allowing for pecuniary interests, to direct Public Prosecutions.

The work that is necessary to task for an individual to have a business in Australia, is enormous, when that includes naming the crimes of espionage assaults, and transmissions awry; alerts misdirected, and parades of horrors, while being assaulted by espionage, 24/7. If that were most people in Australia, there would surely have been more solidarity with victims of espionage assaults. Instead of people in Australia being misdirected by intercorporate cartel slander, of citizens that have named the crime of espionage, and demanded that arrests be made.

As I write this, there is an intrusion, and transmission, that is via a Pfizer device, exploiting my biometric ID, ‘they’re paranoid we can’t even switch the things off ourselves, so they smash them’; ‘truth is we can and we do, and there is a Pfizer app to do the by the court writ justice systems, but it takes time to action, so we always delays it and fk them over, the police federals, I mean’. That is conspiracy in unlawful transmissions, to perpetrate crimes against National Security, and I do want that personnel with the Pfizer device to be arrested.

Then there is RANZCP fellow, that really needed to be arrested and jailed, absolute horror, transmits, ‘If it wasn’t lawful for the department of defence wh was it there so long enough to hck theft their shipping containers or whatever it was they were so upset about they had to set him up to look as though taking the taint between her legs were rape. If I’d done it would be biomedical transplant to hip replace it with security belt unnoticeable’; is that of outrageous violator ‘Harvey Whiteford’, RANZCP fellow, exposing himself for his deceit, and attempting to data-theft the Department of Government that must be secure. That and urging a junior appointment in parliament, to do the most outrageous scandalous violation of her office appointment, and perpetrate cause lawyering, to data-theft the courts.

That radical lawyering, then usurping the necessary prosecution of spies evasion, serious cartel activity, foreign interference espionage and war crimes perpetrated by RANZCP fellows and other medico pharmaceutical violators that obstruct constitutional rights.

An intercorporate cartel has a ‘face for public’ group set-up. The face, is just that part of the crime that usurps medic coverage with the ‘rain maker’ lawyering. ‘Face for public’ cartel, never appears honest, or law-abiding, is always pushing boundaries; never reinforcing laws. The legal terms are used incorrectly too often, intentionally, to usurp the prosecutions demanded by citizens, to stop assaults of espionage, as well as make the repugnancy in the legislation null & void, to holocaust prevent.

Horrible sabotage is always what people are most concerned about. That is why it must be stopped immediately and the violations punished with the full force of the law, never permitted spies evasion.

Legal limitations and boundaries are important; and when not allowed to reinforce that which is purposeful, fundamental; that which is a limiting intelligence to necessity of compliance with order – is a horrible repugnancy of legislation, that lawyers follow for the joker, to perpetrate the contrary to legal principle, lawyers pushed into pockets of criminals whom then name the limits and boundaries and demand that which is permitted; and that which is not compliant with human rights, justice, education, yet claim to be.

The work, the skills, of licenced Law-firms, and the judicial system – in horrible error.

Cause lawyering, radical lawyering, activist lawyering are violations, criminal usurp of civil rights, human rights, equality before the law – yet the propagated understanding, makes many people identify as civil rights activists, whom don’t perpetrate serious cartel activity, and don’t usurp civil rights. It is horrible to find out that the word use is other than understood to be.

Parliamentarians should never permitted to violate civilians, citizen. Parliamentarians never will be able to claim innocence or ignorance of the technology they use. When blame-shift for pollution, and sabotages goes with horrible cover-up by activist that is defined as cause lawyering with an MP, and conspiracy with CFA RANZCP fellow, to perpetrate sabotage of cloud formation, to pour rain for radical lawyering biddy, and IGA horror-store that is serious cartel activity and should have been shut-down and shut up a decade ago.

When people are invaded, violated, it is never just. It is against the laws that Legal understanding is ever to permit. Horrible holocaust increase by the fascism, unacceptable, unwelcome claims on property and people.

That when a corrupt MP, violates by data-theft, then attempts to blame-shift, that onto the person the MP is exploiting as biometric ID, and should never be doing that, and talking about money being posted, to evade detection, and printing of money, and that which is off-shore. Then zoo-animal riting a human in an app, to do with their hair-colouring.

There should not be corruption in a position of authority, that brings two fire trucks, to get an ‘exotic pet’ (that shouldn’t be in Australia), let alone with spyware attached. Then for their transmitters unlawful to continue all night noise, and attempt to name unlawful copies ‘parrot in a tree’; ‘defy us trucking biddy’.

Modifications on permits for parliament, the MP, and other people given parliamentary privileges should not be breaching. Too many research funds denying sabotage, and espionage air pollution – that has to be said, never aid and abet that which is a risk to National Security, when in a position of responsibility. The punishments must be more severe to deter any further corruption.

That the violators, an intercorporate medico-pharmaceutical cartel, violate with hit and flick devices and transmit, ‘we’re not sure I mean certain this will work with what we are doing tonight, I don’t know about being reported as a data-thief in a newspaper today, I think it was a bit much that they put that in as if I were somehow misconstrued in that I’m wanting to say which is the UK prohibited data theft beale it contracts’ (that is a horror to read further please don’t.)

When there is that, intruding, it is really just attempting to capitalise, on something that shouldn’t be here, or there, or anywhere. The radiocommunications, telecommunications, and spectrum violations, that and espionage assaults, are not permitted, and authority should be able to recognise that, and complete the actions required, without harming citizens, unarmed civilians, and without usurping First Nations Voice – demands for Constitutional recognition of thousands of years of understanding, that which must be honoured as traditions, sacred, understanding of country.

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