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A Population Must Demand Their Civil Rights

The Witness Intimidation by medico pharmaceutical companies must be stopped, so that people can demand their civil rights.

How long can a person go the wrong way under pressure before they recognise what it is they didn’t understand? Very disappointing if a person does that for a life-time, and allows for horrifying war crime such as Witness Intimidation, to perpetuate in their country, along with slavery and torture in the legislature.

75 years is a life-time. 25 years is life in prison, people don’t live much longer than 25 years in prison was the old saying, and live three times longer when they’re not in prison. Forced psychiatry,that, is said to take ‘life’ from a person, and that’s not an old saying. 25 years people die earlier than the rest of the population, because of the torture psychiatrists inflict on those people.

People whom are 75 or older, have had 75 years to think about ways of making certain that the abolition of civil conscription in legislature, in compliance with Australia’s Federal Constitution of Australia Act, the Oath of Office, and Oath of Citizenship – was something they could celebrate in their life-time – as Australia’s great moment of victory over eugenicists.

If a population doesn’t understand that which needs to be said, while they’re still alive then a whole country can lose. There are no winners when a beautiful place on earth and the people there have violence increased. Leaders must think about what they’re doing, they cannot be leaders if they are a robotic-feed of endless increase. That’s not thinking, it is going with data-entry tabulations – a machine can do that. Think people think, really think about what you are doing, and what the witnesses to crime are saying. Don’t continue to violate the people whom speak to the matter that needs to be spoken to, or written about. Think about whom would want that silenced? Think about what it is to have a mind of your own, or whose mind you are following, and whom is not minding their own business whom should be, when they have dangerous machines, and chemicals with dangerous conditions legalese on them. And, think about what this part of the earth is, and what the people whom have ancestors going back over 300 years in Australia, are saying.

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