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3rd March the Commencement of the Australia Act

Author – Ms Initially No, policy writer; author; visual artist; performing artist & song writer; owner of The Painter And The Writer Gallery.

Responsibility of legislative order and adherence to lawful contracts. The Australia Act, an act for sovereign, independent country: Royal Assent - 4th December 1985. How does Australia celebrate the Commencement - 3rd March 1986?

It is important to have a day, to remind all citizens, especially citizens in positions of power, how necessary it is to reinstate authority of thousands of years of understanding, and make certain all legislation is in order, so that nothing is awry to be criticised, and that all legislation that may have been given to false pass (by obstruction, bribery, and other contrivances) be officially made null & void.

After the invasion of 1780, imposed false contracts, conditions, violated the people; there needs to reminders.

That the date of 3rd of March, given to an old joke, that if there never be celebration of that Australia might forever ‘Waltz’ to the ‘Old Matilda’; and aside to that welch on matters material to their Constitution, dance a scary jig to ignore reality rather than make the hard decision to fight for civil rights. Constitutional rights of 1946, that amendment for holocaust prevention, on that part of the Federal Constitution of Australia Act, to that part of law of secrecy on controversy, that perpetrated the most horrifying experiments in Australia (that should have been disallowed, given 1-V-51-xxiiiA, says provisions may be given, but never when used for war crime). Australia should not allow foreign interference their spies evasion equipment, and should not allow for that equipment to conceal by forced human experimentation blame-shift onto their citizens! Material interests elsewhere and criminal increase in a country that doesn’t make certain all prevent that holocaust.

It has to be said, because it is known, that all of those provisions, services of 1-V-51-xxiiiA, are either for peace, order, good governance; and if not that must not be funded further. That first of all, those provisions, services should never be forced. That being one of the most important understandings of the Federal Constitution of Australia Act, that since 3rd of March 1986, the UK relinquished their control of. That which was fought for by civil rights demands in Australia, won, on 3rd March, is worth celebrating.

There is much to speak about of that date 40 years since the amendment to the Constitution demanded first of all that the be no civil conscription, and how 77 years later, Australians are demanding that attention be paid to that legislation which has been null & void ab initio 1946, and Australia powers, responsibility, with oath to and contract law to make certain they are never lazy in that.

Australian officials have been talking up the circular, the recycle and sitting at dinner tables where they have little dainties placed on shelfing that spins around. Little reminders of directions, how troublesome it may be if criminals corrupt to make everything go round and round, without officials intervening. Keep the legislation in order, you don’t want criminals in your catering, should always be understood. Don’t want criminals seeing what your MP gets privileges to see: nor do we want cartel in charge of corrective lenses. The people of Australia only want due diligence from ministers, parliamentarians, they don’t expect much more than that the people in positions of power do their employment office justice.

That anyone in government office would wear a ‘powder blue’ evening dress to ‘see what they can get through’ in Parliament, is ridiculous. For a red evening dress and shoes to be worn, and not be understood to be a motion, for another strong enough, to hold the arm of and support, for that particular fabric and design, is to not understand that tradition is for a purpose, internationally, and for Australia’s entertainment industry professionals. For parliamentarians to not recognise the cloth, means they don’t respect their country’s weave enough and let crime usurp the beautiful and strong understanding of thousands of years.

The purpose of celebration is to name that which is achieved, that which must be recognised, and 3rd March celebration for the Recommencement of Australia’s authority to act without being compromised by another country’s usurp on skills, traditions, languages, industry and sense.

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