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25 Obligations for healthy thinking

Author - Ms Initially No, policy writer

Addressing the Human Rights issues, that are concealed and perpetrated via the misuse of the terms ‘mental health’, in Australia.


1. Australia is obliged to abolish all forms of forced medical, pharmaceutical, dental provisions, and that includes abolishing all services and provisions of psychiatry, from Government spending, due to the corruption and genocide that has been perpetrated.

2. Australia is obliged to disqualify RANZCP as an organisation and jail all RANZCP fellows that have perpetrated war crimes against unarmed citizens of Australia.

3. Legislation in Australia must be in order, compliant with the Constitution 1-V-51-xxiiiA, that provisions and services of medical, pharmaceutical, dental may be given, but not so as to authorise any form of civil conscription. That means all Mental Health Acts, and Aged System Acts, must be voided.

4. Australia is obliged to name, null and void, any judgements that are Plain Error, in that the judgement contrived to obstruct the constitution, the rights of Australian citizens, and compliance in all legislation with 1-V-51-xxiiiA.

5. The weapons that are in Spitals, that are dangerous machines, and those that are potentially weapons of mass destruction – must be disarmed, due to potential further threats and menacing on the population, should the RANZCP fellows and pharmaceutical intercorporate cartel, attempt to terrorism further. Total disarming of the Spitals and staff, is necessary. That this is known, in history, as ‘poison handlers have got out of control’. The Hospitallers up to no good again. That there is also Physics Standards breaches here, that are particularly nasty, and encroachment on Industry, and other unrelated departments of Government.

6. Finances and assets of RANZCP fellows need to be taken as Proceeds of Crime, Australia is obliged to do this for the health of the economy, and for good state of mind, as in security management, of that which is breaches. Punitive measures, have to be harsh enough to deter any further breaches.

7. The right to refuse medical intrusions must be there for all Australian, loudly declared, and celebrated every year – to remind the population, that should any criminal ever contrive to intrude on the population of Australia in such a horrifying way again, and act on that, that their activities be quickly nulled and voided, and the culprit jailed and punished.

8. Words, that Australia has been using, must be accurate in all legislation. The term treat not to be usurped by medicalisation any longer. The word disordered spectrum, must not be used for medicalisation, except to refer to that which a person was fired at with, or suffered the effects of, and that which can be observable when criminal intrusions are too much.

9. Propaganda that aids and abets the intercorporate cartel, must be stopped, and understood that any such advertise, is to be watched for potential crime.

10. That there may be people whom want to have details, or ways and means of thinking accurately about that which has occurred in Australia, as far as genocide, and how they were indoctrinated, so that they can better understand the conditions they were given were the labels on packages; that they were deceived.

11. That machines do not continue to be prioritized over humans. That programs do not encroach and cage the civilian population, or the workplace unnecessarily. That there needs to be some room for thinking outside the machine, even at a strict workplace, for staff to accurately understand if their workplace is being usurped, contrived, or misdirected.

12. There must not be obstruction to people whom are citizens, whom should not have to be a government employee, should not have to be someone whom knows how-to drive a car; to be recognised as a citizen, by a phone-line to a Govt Office. And when a person is being obstructed by an intercorporate cartel, as a witness, that there is a way, of being able to get through, without the Govt Office habitually obstructing on the witness.

13. That people with disabilities, whom are being violated by intercorporate cartel, are not unfairly exploited, due to having the disabilities, things, or looking like they do – that they have ways and means of being able to name the crime; that this must not only be persons with disabilities being given means of being able to name the crime, but also people whom are likewise being falsely accused, that clearly don’t have such disabilities, things.

14. That in a treat, or conference, where witnesses make statements as to legal situation – that must be able that which the victim of crime are speaking to, not about the colour of the person’s skin, or the things, disabilities they have or don’t have. First Nations Australia people must not be usurped in a conference, or treat – as other Australians would not be speaking as victims of the particular crimes perpetrated against First Nations Australians, languages and understanding of nations, that which only First Nations Australian people are able to speak to. Too often victims of psychiatrists’ violations are usurped by perpetrators, so thinking of that in a conference, to make certain the perpetrators or usurpers don’t take positions and powers, and wrongly direct the conversation.

15. Stigma should not be perpetrated against district, business, or house via intercorporate cartel. That the public and policing must be able to stop that, when perpetrated by obvious means, as well as any overt perpetration via devices that induct current, and contrive to get other people to go-with-the-flow of the hate, or stigma, or other crime. That a person whom has been violated by psychiatrists, must not be then, further denied, vilified and violated because of that induction.

16. That transmitters, radiocommunications devices – that may be considered disabilities, or that interact with disabilities, must not conspire as group with intention to act, or act on intruding to data-theft industries that have security details, such as gas & fuel, and intent to, or fire at a human’s body, in attempt to conceal data-theft. Nor, attempt to convert signals of distress, alerts, or foreign data-theft, into attempt to trick insurance, or government; or contrive to blame-shift for the crime, and name the crime mental health, or health and wellbeing or claim to be helping or treating, nor name the person, a flower or animal or thing.

17. When people refer to themselves as victims of psychiatrists’ violations, it is usually to name the crime, and for purposes of court, and mainstream media, so that victims are understood for that which has specifically violated, by that which is forced psychiatry, in Australia that is slavery torture and arbitrary detention, and understood biometric ID theft exploitations. That understanding of that, must be recognised in contrast with people whom advertise for psychiatrists, and imposter victims of psychiatrists’ violations, and usually are exploiting biometric ID thefted from victims of psychiatrists’ violations.

18. Offensive terms in Australia are that which should already be understood worldwide as offensive, such as ‘end user/ consumer’ for a person whom has been violently subjected to forced psychiatry, and psychiatry’s patents they name products, that should not be patented.

19. That data-theft regarding security management, being flicked onto people, must be managed in such a way as to not be fired repeatedly at a person, without the person monitoring, noticing that the shift has occurred in directions. That there are some errata that induct people to lawsuit, or to take their own life, or to divorce. It is usually there, to stop to stop a serious criminal; though, flicked onto all and sundry, is terrible. Should not be then medicalised.

20. That derogatory terms about First Nations Australian people, or people in Australia subjected to slavery, torture, arbitrary detention, forced human experimentation – has been regularly inaccurate in describing sabotage, and unreasonable in racism towards Australian people.

21. Descriptions that must never apply to victims of psychiatrists’ violations – but to RANZCP fellows in jail – Impoverished; high mortality rate due to guilt; mentally-ill; stress position; depressed; anxious; burden on government expenditure – for a prisoner, being monitored, diagnostic tests to make certain they don’t cause trouble, and not able to trust to be employed at a task; restraints to stop use of limbs for coding into sky; chemical restraint to impoverish memory and thinking; isolation so there is no collusion; to stop violence electro-convulsion; concussion; permanent injury to genitals.

22. Victims of psychiatrists’ violations, must never again be blamed for the crimes of RANZCP fellows. The crimes have to be known, and that which is a turn around in Australia’s nulling and voiding of the crimes, has to have enough public speaking to enable the population to understand that which has occurred.

23. Australia has to stop migrants that have espionage equipment, that are likely to be part of the medico-pharmaceutical cartel, that are crime, so that other people whom are not criminals, that have migrated to Australia are not accused, of being those migrants with disabilities, espionage, things that sabotage, that join the cartel, and are racist towards Australian people. That there is also difficulty with fear of spectrum, and rainbow flag, isn’t a test patten violation, and that must also be watched for any espionage equipment so that the gay-lesbian community are never falsely blamed for the horrible violators that make the spectrum glare.

24. Danger to self or others, refers to workplace, and use of workplace equipment and protocol, and that must be where that term is directed, not at other workplaces, or people outside the workplace. That equipment, such as a ‘disability’ may be ‘in need of care or treatment’ but never apply that term to a human.

25. Laws, legislation, and Courts have to make sense, be reasonable, and enable the people to stop the violators; or the people turn to anarchy – and that is undesirable. The rights of persons with disabilities, always implies that there are responsibilities, if there is equipment that has contract, licence, and necessarily monitoring. Inertia, via industrial equipment, must not used by an intercorporate cartel to conduct, and obstruct civil rights, or justice.

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