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Patent Preparation and Prosecution

Abolition of Civil Conscription Act

Act No1 of 2022

This policy, is an act to comply with Australia’s Constitution. 1 V 51 xxiiiA of the Federal Constitution of Australia Act, urgently needs to be complied with by the Executive Government after 75 years of delays. 

That medico-pharmaceutical companies that have attempted to have Power Over the Executive, will be investigated for their crimes, and the removal of those powers immediate, so that the Executive Government will not be impeded in the necessary Compliance Order, to ab initio all State/ Territory and Federal Legislation that has contrariety to the 1946 amendment, won in referendum to the people.

Must not have an unconstitutional government!

The legislation is in conflict until that compliance occurs. The Constitution is in breach by all responsible Australian Officials, and their services, until 1 v 51 xxiiiA is fully complied with, so that nothing in the Australian legislature authorizes any form of civil conscription of medical or dental ‘provisions/ services’ on Australian people, or visitors. That 1 V 51 xxiiiA demands that there be no such forced human experimentation, or coerced human experimentation, in the Australian legislature. That, and the crime of forced and coerced human experimentation, be stopped, so that Australian lives and livelihoods will NOT be curtailed, by the medico-pharmaceutical and dental criminal acts, that are deliberately sabotaging Australia’s economy and people.

75 years of delays, is a non-compliance with an oath, and a contract, for Australia. The promise, won by referendum in 1946, must be complied with, the promise must be fulfilled. Every second, the Abolition of Civil Conscription, is delayed, it is costing Australia. It must not be delayed further, that of Abolition of Civil Conscription, compliance with 51xxiiiA.

That all encroachments on Australian people, by scams of ‘provisions’ must be scrutinised and stopped, before the scam is funded, and causes damages. That of which pertains to 1 V 51 xxiiiA, is where the Australian Constitution demands perpetrators of civil conscription, slavery, torture, sabotage and that of false and misleading medicalisation, must be prosecuted. Australia already has laws for peace, order and good government to apprehend such Crimes Against Humanity and the Commonwealth.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Australia in parliament assembled, That this Act may be cited as the ‘Abolition of Civil Conscription Act No. 1 of 2022’.

Additional information. No civil conscription allowed.

Policy on Covert Operations Vibrational Indicator Direction upgrades

Act No2 of 2o22

Medical Personnel have put a horrifying concept on the grid, and it involves human bio-markers and electromagnetic intrusions. Removing these weaponised devices from the  anyone using them for criminal purposes, is where people should be thinking, rather than allowing the the arm and fires on these devices, to be fired at the Australian people. To set these devices to automatic security, is a crime, and when sabotaged. That such dangerous devices, must not be allowed to do that.

These devices have been considered lawful under specified use, however, there has been widespread corruption of their use for some time, that has increased to hazard level. 


These covert armed fires aimed at a person, or business for reasons of harassment, is an offense. Harassment cannot be said to be ‘medical inspection’ or ‘device testing’ or ‘covert operations’. The license for use will be cancelled and the persons committing this offense will be arrested for sabotage with covert weaponry. That and exploiting fake id, is a crime, when it it exploits another person as a 'shield'.

The concept of ‘legal use’ of these devices is not something that is permissible, as these devices have been developed by methods that are scandalous, cruel, and involve invasive, violent forced human experimentation.

In order to locate the devices, and recognise what device is deploying when and when is a matter that must remain classified until further notice.

An Act 

The much-watched word ‘Disabilities’ has been misused in Australia, via legislative acts, must not continue to be in conflict with the Australian Constitution.

The definition of ‘Disabilities’ cannot include people whom DO NOT have High Security Access. That attempts by criminals to conceal via the word ‘disabilities’ by medicalisation, be that false medicalisation or something pertaining to an injury. That disabilities may include Listening Devices, and Bionics, and known access to State Secrets, or Country to Country matter. That discreet ‘back door’ entrance was once given for these purposes, so that searches would not be overt and embarrass anyone whom wasn’t a security problem.

Medical personnel have perverted the Australian security system, by the use of the term ‘disability’. A ‘disability’ is something that disqualifies, a person, as defined by the specifics of those ‘disabilities’ that make a person ineligible – that definition in the Australian Constitution IV 44. That particular disqualification by disabilities pertaining to being chosen to sit as a member of Parliament, and the disabilities mentioned.

Consideration must be given to how the Official Language in Australia, that of The Australian English Language, has and does define ‘disabilities’. That a person with disabilities may be injured, or medicalised, or not. That a person subjected to medicalisation, is not necessarily a person with disabilities. That imposing such a word as disabilities, on Australian people, subjects all those people subjected to that word, to scrutinization Internationally. That Australia and some other countries have confused the word ‘disabilities’ with ‘dangerous conditions’ of products, procedures, and packaging, and machines that can be very dangerous if left to idle and are hacked, or used inappropriately.

Disabilities, in the Australian Constitution, by definition, are such, that is to be subjected to discrimination.

That the legislation has been perverted, into false claims and false pretences, that have concealed treasonous, treacherous, traitor offenses; and violated the human rights of people whom have been injured, or otherwise medicalised, or pseudo-medicalised, or falsely medicalised in outrageous human rights violations, that are forced psychiatry.

A policy on the words to watch, that of Disabilities to Discrimination, is where Abolish Psychiatry party wants reason, sense, and truth to succeed, over that of which is false.


That this Act may be cited as the ‘Policies on Disabilities to Discrimination Act No. 3 of 2022’.

Further information here 'Persons with disabilities' are whom? (

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