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To comply with the laws already there, prohibit narcoterrorism, arbitrary detention, torture, enslavement, biological weaponry tests - in Australia, there must be full abolition of psychiatry. Demanding justice, and full compliance with conventions and laws, means Australia has to ABOLISH PSYCHIATRY. The psychiatrist in Australia have been violation with hostes humani generis, for 230 years since invasion, and violate the citizenry, then increase transnational organised crime and corruption. 

Abolish Psychiatry












ABOUT - the potential Abolish Psychiatry party in Australia.

A system of injustice, depravity, assault and government sanctioned violations - such as Australia's Mental Health System is - needs political representation from the people who are willing to stand up for all Australians and have this exploitation racket abolished.

Become a member to reinforcement of your civil and political rights to refuse psychiatrists, their products, procedures and their beds.

Use the contact form below, or email us directly after filling in the Membership Application Form.

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Abolish Psychiatry,

Australian Political Party

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